Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jonathan Auer & Tiz Aramini's Grand Royale Kickstarter project

By Jack Brummet, Music Editor

Jon Auer (singer-songwriter), producer, member of The Posies and Big Star) has a new project--Dynamo Royale, with his partner/bandmate, Tiz Aramini--up on Kickstarter.  They are looking for funding to complete an album they are working on.

This is an easy one for me to kickstart--I have been a fan of his singing and music for more than 20 years.  I look forward to hearing the fruits of this new project.  Jump here to learn more about the project, and to donate!  They take donations anywhere from one dollar to $1,250.


Hi All,
My name is Jon Auer and I've been a longtime musician for the last 20 plus years with varying degrees of success with The PosiesBig Star and as a solo artist as well. I've been working on a new duo project with my band mate/partner Tiz Aramini called DYNAMO ROYALE and I'm very excited with the results. Up to this point, with the exception of a few days at a small project studio, we've recorded everything in two modest domestic home recording locales, one just outside of Paris, the other in Seattle, stretching both our time and resources as far as possible. Alas, we have done all we can on our own and are hoping to enlist the aid of a seasoned session drummer to replace the loops, beats, and clicks we've recorded to and some excellent string players to bring to life the digital sketches we've made on our overworked USB keyboard. In other words: we truly want some real talented humans playing and adding life to this stuff and that is going to cost us more that our self-funded effort currently has to expend.
International travel, studio time, and musicians fees will be involved in this for a total of 12 songs-worth of high quality rhythms and nuanced bowing. In addition, in a perfect world, we'd also like to be able to pay for the mastering of our record and an initial run of 1000 CDs so we can honor the rewards we've listed to the right of this message and still have enough to promote the project in its initial stages. So, all said, Tiz and I are hoping to raise $8000 by the end of this Kickstarter 30 day time frame so we can make all of this happen and take our project to the next level artistically and then have something physical and sonic to share. If indeed we can meet our goal, we'll be enlisting the steady aid of Jeremy Stacey on drums, recording at his London studio (formerly Hans Zimmer's studio), and Phillip A. Peterson to arrange and perform strings with whoever he may require. Both are exceptional at what they do and would be amazing to have.
For those who it may apply, I have to say thank you to anyone who has supported the music I've been involved with over the years, be it The Posies, Big Star, or my solo work. In essence, you're the ones who've made it possible for me to be privileged enough to do what I do and that is certainly no small contribution. Honestly, I've wondered to myself if it's a little strange being a professional musician asking for this kind of support... but, times being what they are, it's just getting harder and harder to get financing for these kinds of things in advance, if at all. SO...Thanks for considering to help realize a new musical dream/endeavor here. It is beyond appreciated. Tiz and I have both done other musical things on our own but I really believe this is a unique collaboration and I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to share it in the near future.
Oh yes - a shout out to Jason Tang for the photo above and also a reminder to click on the pic and watch a primitive but heartfelt video showing and telling you a little more...
Thanks for looking!


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