Monday, January 07, 2013

ATIT Reheated, from 2006: Notes on Mick Jagger's penis, and an interesting experiment he performed on it

By Mona Goldwater, Society Ed.

Janice Dickinson had sex with both Mick Jagger and Bob Barker. Only Bob measured up.

One time musical innovator Mick Jagger was also ahead of his time on another front: Mick was at the vanguard of the "penis enhancement" movement well before it became the provenance of junk mailers and spammers. While you have probably spent a great deal of time over the last several years clearing out "penis enhancement" spams from your email--whether you actually owned one or not--Mick Jagger was personally blazing a trail through the wilderness of tallywhacker growth.


The frontman covered his pride and joy with bees to swell its size, film director Julien Temple, who worked with Jagger on the the 1982 film Fitzcarraldo, revealed in a recent interview on Britain's Radio 4.

"It involved putting bamboo over the male member and filling it with stinger bees so the member attained the size of the bamboo," said Temple. "Mick spent months in the jungle in Peru. He was going mad out there I think."

Jagger has acquired a reputation as a "cocksman" over the years and been linked with dozens of beautiful women, four of whom bore him seven children. His current squeeze is the American fashion designer L'Wren Scott. L'Wren would not comment on Jagger and refused to return calls to All This Is That.

The former Price Is Right model and actress on The Surreal Life, Janice Dickinson, told U.K. talk show host Jonathan Ross recently that "Mick has a very small penis." This leads us to the conclusion that Mr. Jagger does not measure up to Bob Barker, whom she also evaluated.

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