Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The night Miles Davis was pummeled by an NYC cop (the week "Kind Of Blue" was released)

By Jack Brummet, American Music Ed.

From the original 1959 AP article "New York -- Miles Davis, 32, of 881 10th Avenue, a trumpeter now appearing in Birdland, 52nd Street and Broadway, was arrested after fighting with patrolman Gerald Kilduff, who had ordered him to move from crowded sidewalk. In the scuffle, Davis was hit on the head with a blackjack for which a St. Clare's ambulance had to be called. "

According to a recent article on the assault in New York magazine:  a cop asked Miles to move from the crowded sidewalk.  He said 'I work here' and, pointing to the club's marquee, 'That's my name up there.' A plainclothes cop, misreading the exchange, rushed over and beat Miles over the head. He was released on a $10,000 bail.   Doctors put five stitches due in the wounds.

One of the commentators on a recent piece about this wrote:  "Crazed Black Man Bangs Head On Nightstick as Policeman Stands Helplessly By"

This beatdown happened one week after the release of Kind Of Blue.

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