Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Ann Coulter: I'm A Grateful Dead Fan For Life

By Jack Brummet, Grateful Dead Ed.

Is this a mindf***er or what?  Ann Coulter is a serious DeadHead.  Read her full piece in Billboard here.  Among other observations, she names some of her favorite songs:
“Tennessee Jed, Althea, Stagger Lee, Eyes of the World, Loose Lucy, Franklin's Tower, Deal, Sugar Magnolia, Unbroken Chain, Cassidy, Pride of Cucamonga, Uncle John's Band, Ripple, Casey Jones, I Will Take You Home, Passenger, Mississippi Half-Step, Good Lovin' and of course, the famous Mickey Hart rap version of Fire on the Mountain. It breaks my heart that the band never played Pride of Cucamonga in concert.”


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