Monday, March 20, 2017

Updated: List of characters in The Beatle's songs

Eight years ago, I tried to write down the names of every character I remember appearing in songs by The Beatles. Since this was published in 2009, various readers have sent in some of the missing characters, and a lot came in from Facebook today. We're at least more complete; who else are we still missing?

A barber A boy A fireman A girl A girl like you A lucky man A pretty nurse A rich man Another girl Another lover Another man

Baby Bad boy Beautiful people Billy Shears Blackbird Boys Bulldog Bungalow Bill

Captain Marvel Chuck Crabalocker fishwife

Dan Dave Dennis O'Bell Desmond Doctor Robert Doris

Edgar Allen Poe Eleanor Rigby Expert Textpert Choking Smokers

Father Mackenzie

Georgia Gideon

Hari Krishna He Her Henry the horse Her Majesty Him His Mother His Wife Honey Pie


Joan John Johnny Jojo Jude Julia

Lady Madonna Lil Loretta Martin Loretta Martin’s mother Lovely Rita Lovers and friends Lucy Lucy in the sky

Maggie Mae Magill Martha Martha my dear Mary Mary Jane Maxwell Maxwell Edison Me Mean Mr. Mustard Messrs K and H Michelle Miss Lizzy Mister City Policeman Molly Mom Mother Mary Mother Nature's Son Mother Superior Mr.H Mr. Heath Mr. K Mr. Kite Mr. Moonlight Mr. Postman Mr. Wilson Mrs. Robinson My monkey

Nancy Nowhere Man

Old Flattop Other Lover

Pablo Fanque Paul People and friends Peter Piggies Piggie Wives Pigs Pigs in a sty Polythene Pam Pornographic priestess Prudence

Rita Rocky Raccoon Rose Rosie

Sergeant Pepper Semolina Pilchard Sexy Sadie She Sir Walter Raleigh Somebody

Taxman Teddy Boy The All-American bullet-headed Saxon mother's son The banker The Blue Meanies The Children The Doctor The Duchess of Kircaldy The Duke The Eggman The Eggmen The English Army The fool on the hill The Hendersons The Joker The King of Marigold The People The Queen The Taxman The Walrus This bird Two of us

Valerie Vera

We Wilson

Yoko You Your bird Your boy Your mother


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