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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Betty and John Brummet, Veterans of the Navy, Army, and Marine Corps

By Jack Brummet, Military Ed.

Seaman and Corporal John Newton Brummet, Jr. (I'm the 3rd). He was in the Army before the war, and in the Navy during. That's him on the left. I only have three pictures of my dad in the army. This is, of course, my favorite.  He died in 1964.

Below this is a drawing of my mom, Corporal Betty Echo Jones Brummet, U.S. Marines in 1945 (she's still here at 91).

Happy Veteran's Day, veterans.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A caricature of Betty Jones Brummet

By Jack Brummet

My mom--Betty Jones Brummet--is turning 90 years old this week.

This image is a caricature an artist drew of her when she was on a weekend pass from The Marines during World War II (about 1944).


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Two Marines: Betty & William Jennings Bryan Jones

My mom, Betty Echo Jones, and her father William Jennings Bryan Jones in about 1943.  My grandpa had re-enlisted in the Marines when World War II started (he had also been in the Marines in World War I). 

This picture was taken by one of the Seattle newspapers as part of a "human interest story" when my mom enlisted in the Marines during World War II.  The photo did not please her mother, who had long since divorced my grandpa.

click to enlarge

Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanking the vets on memorial day (especially my two favorite vets).

Can we say Happy Memorial Day, or should you? But then you can't wish someone a glum day either. In any case, thanks vets, and especially my mom (Marines, World War II, still sharp and cranky at 86) and my dad John 2nd, (both in the Army and the Navy in WW II, died in 1964).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day to the two veterans who begat me

Thank you to all the veterans today for all you endured for us, and especially the three who happened to be my parents and uncle. (click photographs to enlarge)

Corporal John Brummet

My father, John Newton Brummet, Jr., joined the army a couple of years after dropping out of school in the eighth grade. He was discharged from the army not long before Pearl Harbor and then enlisted in the Navy, where he served for the duration of the war.

My Uncle, Bill Jones, enlisted in the Navy with a friend the day after Pearl Harbor. He was a senior at Ballard High School. The picture below with my mom was probably taken when he returned in June, 1942, to graduate with his class before getting back on a ship.

Betty Echo Jones on leave in her dress uniform

Betty Echo Jones and her twin brother Bill, June, 1942

Betty Echo Jones Brummet stayed in school and graduated. After high school, she worked as a riveter (yes, the iconic Rosie) and later joined the Marine Corps, for the duration. When she joined the Marines, she followed in her father's footsteps. William Jennings Bryan Jones was a marine veteran of World War I. He signed up again in World War II, when he had to be at least forty.

John Newton Brummet, Jr. clowning in the army

John Newton Brummet, Jr. clowning in the navy

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

William Raymond Jones 8/16/1923 -8/20/2007 / Photographs of the Jones Twins

My Uncle and my mother's twin brother Bill Jones, died Monday afternoon. He suffered a major stroke some years ago, and had been in a nursing home for years. We visited him every week or two ever since. Last Saturday, when we visited to celebrate their birthday 84 years ago, he was still able to make a joke and extracted a promise from us to return soon, and "bring the keys to my car!"

Bill and Betty, August 18, 2007 - click to enlarge

Betty and Bill, June 1942 - click to enlarge

Betty and Bill, 1923 - click to enlarge

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Armed Forces: Jack's parents in World War II

Click all the photographs to enlarge.

Jack, Sr. in the army, shortly before World
War II, clowning with a serious looking buddy

Jack, Sr. in "dungarees" displaying his
rifle and bayonet at boot camp, in
about 1940.

Jack, Sr. a/k/a John Newton Brummet II
clowning with Navy buddies in about 1943.
World War II began just after he was
discharged from the army. He immediately
enlisted in the navy. I'm not sure the army
wanted him back. He served in the Navy
for the duration of the war.

Betty Echo Jones Brummet, with her twin brother
Bill a/k/a William Raymond Jones. Bill enlisted in
the Navy the day after Pearl Harbor. He was a
senior in high school. This picture was taken in
the spring, when the Navy allowed him to return
to Ballard High School to graduate with his class, and

Betty Brummet on leave from her post in
the Marine Corps. Betty worked for a while
during the war as the iconic Rosie The Riveter
at The Boeing Company in Seattle. During
the war she enlisted in the Marine Corps and
served in Santa Ana, California, and Cherry
Point, North Carolina. She followed my
Grandfather, William Jennings Bryan Jones
into the Marine Corps. Grandpa Bill served
in the Marines in both World War I and World
War II. In this photo, she is walking in
downtown Seattle with my step-grandma
Sally Jones.