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Monday, June 04, 2007

Poem: Pentateuch Tales/The story of a beautiful garden

This great big blue world—
Whirling like a merry-go-round—
Is broken-in but not broken-out.

Even before there was an earth,
Stars, nebulae, planets, black holes, or moons,
There was The Man Upstairs:

God was God
Because God never began to be.
He always was.

Earth was blacker than midnight
Until God sent the sun.
Dark clouds arrayed around earth

Broke apart and light tumbled in
To create day and night.
God drew the oceans together,

The land rose up,
And He said it was good.
He added grass, trees, flowers, and fruit

On the third day
And things were even better.
On the fourth day God rolled away the dew

And the stars and sun came into view.
He added fish to the sea and birds to the air
And took a handful of dust and created Adam

In a beautiful garden
Where the four rivers met,
And built a woman from Adam's rib.

Adam and Eve broke the one rule
God laid down
And the garden was cancelled.

Breaking God's rule led to thistles and work,
Disease and poverty, masters and slaves,
Lust ambition and madness,

Life and death, cooties and germs,
And the one never-ending war—
Like His one ocean—

That starts with Cain and Abel
And merges with every other skirmish,
Battle, imbrogilio, tilt, and holocaust

And forms a ring
That runs circles
Around our world.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poem: Changes 49/Revolution

Times change
And with them the demands
Of time

There is a spring and autumn in
The life of people and countries
There is a fire below and a lake above

With the forces of light
And the forces of darkness
Always at war in different guises.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poem: Changes 47/Exhaustion

You can't get up
You will get up
You can't get up

The lake is dry
Adversity is the reverse
Of success but leads to success

When you meet adversity
Your cheer is the source
Of later success

If adversity only bends you
It creates in you a power
To straighten up in time

Staring into a gloomy valley
You are oppressed by bonds
That can be loosened

You sit under a bare tree
And wait
For the lake to fill.