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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Perversion for Profit, a great "educational" film funded by Charles Keating in the 60's

Wow.  Another gem from the public domain Prelinger Archives, Perversion for Profit is a rabidly anti-pornography film produced by none other than financier Charles Keating (who was later disgraced as a central figure in the collapse of savings and loan our previous banking crisis). The film attempt to link porn to the Communist conspiracy and, of course, the decline of this Western civilization.

Citizens for Decent Literature, Inc. sponsored this educational film. We'll be posting part II tomorrow.

This video is well-loved by ephemera/PSA/instructional/demo like me, in no small part due to its narrator, George Putnam, a star right-wing newscaster in the 60's  Needless to say, the tone borders on hysterical and the "facts" are, well, thin and unattributed, and Putnam's delivery is responsible for about half of the most unintentionally hilarious moments in the short.