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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can anyone explain why so many people are coming here looking for Jeri Kehn Thompson photos?

There are dozens of photos of Jeri Kehn here, from the 2008 election. Yeah, we admit it became a bit of an obsession. But why, for the last month, are 300-500 people a day coming to All This Is That to look for them? We're utterly stumped. We know we're high on the Google Kehn search results--but that only brought in a couple dozen of people a day...until recently.

When traffic suddenly went up, we figured she'd died, or filed for divorce, or had been somehow plunged back into the headlines. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

If you can, let us know why--and how--you stopped by to see the Jeri Kehn photos. It's a puzzler for us. And, hey, while you're hear, check out the archives, and become a regular, or subscribe to our RSS feeds. . .

By by the way, this posting lists all of the Jeri Kehn photos published here.

Jack Brummet, Editor in Chief
Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jack Brummet: Growing Up Hillbilly:::An index of growing up tales

That's me at two. Click to enlarge

I am posting this (and, yeah, I know it's sort of a repeat)...well, just because. The way blogs work--or at least my rudimentary understanding of how I think they work--is you have to post something to have it appear uniquely on the internet and be able to reference it. So, I am posting a list of my Growing Up stories, or at least the ones I can still track down, to link to in my sidebar like I do with the poems. I even take stabs at writing a book about growing up hillbilly. I have at least five new ones in long-time germination (Dad; The Kent Bus Depot; The Hook Arm, the Wooden Leg, False teeth, and Girdles - My people; Growing Up Hillbilly (they stopped here because you'd need a boat to go further); The Liquor Store, The Butcher, and The Barber).

These are, so far, stories of things that I saw or that happened to me, mostly in the 1950's and 60's, but with some gems from the 70's, 80's, and 90's as well.

Jack, and John Newton Brummet II, camping on the Bumping River on Mount Rainier - click to enlarge

Articles, posts, and screeds, on Jack Brummet Growing Up:
The Greyhound Bus Depot in Kent, Washinton: Going To Red's

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Foot Washing Baptists & The Catholic Devils
Cruising the Renton loop with a keg of nails
My Worst Jobs: McGoo
My Pathetic Political Career
The Month They Tried To Kill Me
My Worst Jobs - Brewburger
Stopping By Richard Nixon's
Defensive Daydreaming
My Worst Jobs - Design Insanity - Hype, Shuck, and Jive In The Dot-Com Years
My Worst Jobs - SALSA
Jerry Melin, still missing, still missed
18,906 Days On Turtle Island
The Day I went Bald
My Jobs (List Number 9)
My Favorite Rock and Jazz Shows More Shows I've seen over the years
Growing Up In Kent, Washington: Tarheels, Hayseeds, Hillbillies, and Crackers
Uncle Guy, more hillbilly cred, and living a good life
Jerry Melin, Master Forger
My Worst job ever!:::::McGoo
Jerry Melin, still missing and still missed
Fishing With The Old Man
Uncle Romey
The Time I Got Drunk With Roy Rogers
Kent, Washington
It Can Happen Here: Japanese Relocation Camps, 1942-1946
More on the El Rancho Drive-in in Kent, Washington
Snack bar ads, intermission countdowns, and the El Rancho drive-in
A Blog for Phil Kendall
Four more images of Kent, Washington in the 40's and 50's
Kent, Washington's Meeker Street 1946
Too good to leave in the comments: Scooter and the Hell's Angel Heavy chug-a-lug
Scooter and $2 all you can drink beer day at the Sundowner circa 1973
My Grandma's tavern in Carnation, Wash.
My Dog Slugger
Hucking Eggs in Kent, Washington
Home-made Hillbilly Toys
Square Dance At Valley Elementary
Foot Washing Baptists & The Catholic Devils
How I came to be named Jack
Hillbilly Cred
Cruising the Renton loop with a keg of nails
My Worst Jobs: 50 Tons of Sand
My Pathetic Political Career
Defensive Daydreaming (the second poem in these links, and one of my favorites)
"Chicken Thieves Busy in Kent And Vicinity"