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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Matt Smith's fantastic one-man show, All My Children, a textbook on the Games People Play

Last night, we went to see Matt Smith's one-man show, All My Children, at the theatre at Richard Hugo House in Seattle.  It was fantastic!  And highly recommended.

The story of Max Poth takes "what-might-have-been to extreme lengths: he tracks down the now-grown children of long-ago girlfriends—and claims to have fathered them all. What starts as a strange lark soon takes on a life of its own."   There are hilarious, touching, and creepy moments.  The fascinating/bizarre, plot is propelled by subtle and overt and outrageous humor, funny asides, and riveting dialog.  A surprise ending came out of nowhere and tied the show up with a bow, rolling up the previously disparate plot elements together in an affirmation of humanity and the games people play.  Great writing, great acting, great directing. 

This show is only on one more weekend--go see it!  Get tickets quick, since these first two weekends were sell-outs.  Go to Richard Hugo House; they'll hook you up with seats for $20/$10- students.