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Monday, September 29, 2014

A proportionate response to the bad news we are inundated with every single day?

By Jack Brummet, Old Media Ed,

I am reading a post apocalypse novel before starting book two of Proust (not cleansing the palate, just taking a breather).  This passage from TW Brown is one of several reasons I can no longer watch broadcast news, or, often, read the local newspaper.

Thinking of the recent spate of beheadings, offshore, and now onshore, it feels like we no longer have a proportionate response to the outrages.  The two hundred still kidnapped girls, the thousands of civilians who have died as "collateral damage" on our missions mostly in the Middle East, and Ebola running virtually unchecked seem like far better targets for our compassion and outrage than three people decapitated by extremists.

I get it; beheading is dramatic, it's really f'ing sad, and generates a visceral response and far more airtime, web hits, and ink.  I've veered wildly from my intention to post a quote from TW Brown.  I have to use a bitmap....Kindle doesn't support text clips, or at least by any method I can figure out.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Video: Tommy Chong out-debates Contessa Brewer on Paris Hilton

MSNBC thought they were bringing in an acid-burnout zombie for some stoner humor. Tommy Chong, however, mopped up the floor with Contessa Brewer. When he exceeds her expectations, she totally crosses the journalist's line and asks if he is high.

Contessa—it was pretty pathetic to see you react like a shrieking swamp sow. Have you thought of firing off your resume to Fox?