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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Popular Science's Vision of the Future (1950) as envisioned in 1925

By Jack Brummet
Near Future Editor

[Thanks to Jeff Clinton for pointing this out...]

This [now] public domain image was published on the cover of "Popular Science Monthly in 1925.  It depicts the city of the future, the future they refer to happens in 1950.  It's pretty interesting to see the few things that have actually panned out, and the many that have not sixty years after their vision of the future occurs.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gingrich: 80/20 The Dems will win

According to an interview Newt Gingrich had with the National Journal, the Republican's goose is cooked. Read the full article in the National Journal here.

Q: You said fairly recently that the Democrats had a very high likelihood of winning the presidency next year.

Gingrich: I think that the country, after the last couple of years, has a bias in favor of change -- I think probably starting with [Hurricane] Katrina and coming through Baghdad and the whole sense of too much spending. And you sense a lack of enthusiasm in the conservative base, and you sense a stunning level of intensity in the anti-war Left. And so you just look at the dynamics and you have to say the odds are probably 80-20 [in the Democrats' favor].
Q: 80-20?

Gingrich: Yeah. That's my guess. Now, it could change. If you had a [Republican] candidate who could break out and who could say, "Obviously, we need to change pretty dramatically, and the party of trial lawyers, public employee unions, [and] left-wing ideologues probably can't change,"