Tuesday, December 06, 2005

poem: Zombie Breakdown

The undead walk
Sloughing tendrils of putrified flesh
And the living
Are made of cardboard

The border between
Being and nothingness is erased
The dead and not dead yet
Straddle a razor-thin margin

The dead reactivate
And flicker on to rampage
Shattered people and things
Litter the streets in their wake

The armies disintegrate
Soldiers gone A.W.O.L.
And the rest band with warlords
To plunder and protect the chosen

Rumor and speculation circle
Besieged pockets of life
Are the zombies a government experiment
Gone terribly wrong or terribly right?

Human activity can be accomplished
Unconsciously without memory or perception
And a one track mind keeps the focus
On consuming human flesh

The virus has no known cure
Lopping off the infected area
Won't stop the transmogrification
Into the living dead

Zombies can't open doorknobs or latches
Or climb stairs or walls
Zombies are weak on their own
But in concert with other zombies

The threat is unveiled
Legions of shuffling tireless flesh-eating machines attack
And soon you're one of them
Fee Fie Foe Fum.

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