Sunday, July 02, 2006

Poem: The Way We Were

The way we were
Was not the right way
Not the way

God planned it
It started to rain
And didn't stop

The windows of heaven opened
The fountains of the deep opened
And it rained 40 days and 40 nights

Until even K2 and Everest
Were hidden beneath
20 feet of water

Noah built a getaway ferry
With one door
450 feet long 75 feet wide

And 45 feet high
And grabbed two
Of every creature

That stomped flew and crawled
With enough groceries for them all
And brought them on board

To ride out the storm
With his wife and his boys
Ham Japeth Shem and their lovely wives

Half a year later
The waters slowly returned
To their source

The ferry came to rest
In the Ararat mountains
The water receded for 40 days

And other mountains emerged
Noah sent out a dove
She came back

Because the ferry
Was the only place to land
A week later she went again

And brought back an olive leaf
He sent her a week later
And she never returned

Noah and his family
And all the animals left the ferry
To begin the happy business

Of multiplying
While God
Invented the rainbow.

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