Monday, October 16, 2006

Poem: Jericho & How Joshua Caused The Walls To Come Tumbling Down

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Jericho was shut up tighter than a submarine.
It made Helms Deep look as porous as a sponge.
Joshua stared at the walls, trying to find the route in,
When a man walked up: A buffed-up, bodacious cat
With whirling gaslighted ninja eyes, more like a shade
Than a man. Joshua called him out:
"Hey you! Spook! Are you for us, or against us?"
The spook spun around toward Joshua,
Rattled his gleaming sword
And grew ten feet tall and five feet wide.
"I am the General of all Generals."
Joshua fell to the ground because the spook
Was The Lamplighter himself.
"Take the shoes, from your feet," God said,
"This is holy ground. And you’re my boy today.
I have a project for you."

Joshua told The Priests "Follow the ark,
With seven priests with seven trumpets.”
He told the peasants, "All right. Now, beat feet!”
Seven priests blowing seven trumpets led the parade
Around and around and around Jericho
Like Sambo marched the tigers around the tree
Or the way earth spins in the dark around the sun.
For six days, they marched in silence.
On the seventh day they began marching at dawn
Behind the seven priests and seven trumpets
And they marched around the city seven times.
After the seventh orbit, the priests blew a cadenza
And Joshua said to the people, "Shout!
When the trumpets sang, they roared,
Louder with each passing minute,
And the walls came tumbling down.
They destroyed everything with a heartbeat:
Every man, woman, animal and bug,
Young, old, red, yellow, black and white,
Fell on the sword.
Joshua was the Lord’s boy
And became famous throughout the country.
He put the hairy eyeball on anyone
Who dared rebuild the wicked city.

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Anonymous said...

The Trumpets of Jericho

Under his mighty authority, he sent forth a pair of spies
Hidden by a harlot they now became Joshua’s eyes.
Saving her and all that she has for what she hath done
Later when they come to burn down the city
Her and her family will be spared, there the only one.
Assembling a band of seven priest’s in those strange lands
He’s ordering them to encompass and circle the city
While carrying the Ark of Covenant in their holy hands.
Preparations now begin for a symphony of destruction
it is for all the other inhabitants, due to all the corruption.
Commanded until the appointed time to remain in silence
After that, scream and shout loud with ragging violence.
Marching with the trumpets at their side and on their hips
It’s the seventh day, and now, they must make seven trips.
The walls then came crumbling down,
After they blew through those ram horns with their lips.
Taking there treasures, the spoils of war...
They took it for the Lord's treasury,
That is who they took it for.

(SirCARSr. 11-25-13)
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