Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Nude Photos update

A year and a half after I wrote this (Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Nude Photos), dozens of people still visit All This Is That searching for photos of the Secretary of State, unclad. Alas, guys and gals, other than a flash or two of thigh through her skirt slit, there appear to be none to be had.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Nude Photos
Did you arrive at All This Is That looking for photos of Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, nude or in flagrante with men, women, or both? Google shows large numbers of people searching for hot Conde photos. If bona fide photos do exist, I know you, the denizens of the WWW, will find them. Happy Hunting! You'd probably find more interesting pictures of people who pose nekkid professionally, but if you're just interested in sexing up The White House, you're on the right path-- at least it seems preferable to a passel of photos of, say, Paul Wolfowitz or VPOTUS Dick Cheney.../jack---o0o---
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Anonymous said...

So, when is she going to take it off? She's beautiful but not getting any younger. Show us some skin honey!

Anonymous said...

would love to at least see her in a bikini. she's hot!!

Unknown said...

Sie ist attraktiv und erotisch.