Monday, June 18, 2007

Poem: Bible Stories 3/The Big Boat

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Abel he took his act to another dusty land
God gave Adam and Eve another child they named him Seth
Their children proceeded to fill the earth
Sons daughters aunts nephews cousins uncles second cousins
sisters brothers nieces third cousins stepbrothers stepsisters
It was an orgy of fruitfulness and everyone was madly begetting
After many years presiding over this begetting Adam and Eve died

Because they had alas partaken of the forbidden apple
By the time they died all the begetting begetting more begetting filled
Their corner of the earth as the children's children had more children
And the children’s children’s children had even more children
And since men and women lived to be 900 years old
That corner of the earth was now filled with wicked people
In that corner of the earth was where Adam's sons and their wives lived
And few of the progeny of all that begetting grew up to become good
It came to pass that even the children of good men and women
Turned to the dark side and God looked down on the evil in his world
In the hearts of the men and women and saw some good people left
And the best of all of them was Enoch from the family of Seth
Enoch did only what was right and walked and talked with God
Enoch was lock stock and barrel God’s boy up front
When Enoch was 365 years old God took him to heaven
Because God just couldn’t wait 600 more years for him
And scooped him up from earth without dying

Enoch left a son Methuselah who lived to be 969 years old
But at last even old Methuselah died And God looked down and said that's it
For men and women because their evil has become first nature
Noah tried to do right for God and he too walked and talked with God
And God said to Noah
the time has come when every living on earth
Will be destroyed but you and your family will be saved
Because now it's you alone who try to do right to your fellow women and men

God told Noah to build a big boat and said I am going to flood
The earth and drown all the people and animals
So you must make the ark large enough to hold each animal there is
So animals as well as men may live upon the earth
After the flood
Noah did what God asked
And built a great ark on dry land where there was no water for it to sail
People whispered he's gone crackers and made the cuckoo sign
As Noah and his sons built the ark the wicked people laughed

But after 120 years the ark was finished and stood like a castle on the land
God said to Noah get you and yours into the ark—it's coming down starting now
So Noah his wife and his sons Shem Ham and Japheth and their wives

Climbed into the ark and God led animals birds and creeping things
To the door of the ark and they went into the ark
And Noah and his sons shut the door and battened down the hatches
So no more people or animals could come in as the thunder began

At first it was just rain but then a sprinkle became a drizzle a shower and a torrent
The rivers rose higher and higher and the ark began to float on the water
People left their houses and ran to the hills but soon the hills were covered
For forty days and nights the rain kept on the water kept rising and rising
Climbing up the mountains until even Mt. Everest was beneath the water
And there was no sign of life outside of the ark
After forty days the rain stopped and God sent a wind to dry the waters
Finally the ark ceased to float and settled on the ground on Mt. Ararat
But Noah could not see what had happened on the earth
Because the door was shut and the window was in the roof
He knew that the water must have gone down and sent out a dove
That evening the dove came back to the ark and in its bill was a fresh leaf
He sent the dove later and the dove flew away and never came back

Noah knew that the earth was becoming dry again
So he took off a part of the roof and looked out and saw dry land
Noah and family had lived in the ark more than a year
And was glad to see the green land and the trees once more
God said to Noah: Come out of the ark
With your wife and your sons and their wives and all the living things
That are with you in the ark and so Noah opened the door

Of the ark and with his family came out with all the animals
And the birds and creeping things in the ark came out also
And began again to fly swim wiggle crawl and stomp on the earth
Noah gave thanks to God when he came out of the ark

For saving all his family and the animals and for just being God
He built an altar, and laid upon it an offering to the Lord,
He dedicated himself and his family to God, and promised to do God's will.
God said:
No flood shall again cover the earth and you now rule
The air and the waters and the ground and every living thing
Upon the face of the earth
and then God caused a rainbow to appear in the sky

And told Noah that when they see a rainbow they should remember
God hung rainbows in the sky to remind us there will be no more floods.


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