Sunday, August 12, 2007

Poem: Bible Stories 6/Jesus Walks On Water

After Jesus fed the crowd with the loaf of bread and fishes
He owned that audience
They were buzzing for months

About the amazing chef of all chefs
Who fed five thousand people
With a sack of groceries

His hands just started working
Faster and faster piling up hundreds of fish sandwiches
And he kept up with the crowd walking by

Piling up the heroes on the table even faster
And people came back for seconds and thirds
And when he was done there was more than he started with

The miracles were coming fast and furious now
And he needed to ice his wig down
It just didn't work consorting

With these too mortal disciples
After he'd just raised the dead or fed
A stadium with a loaf of bread and some fish

So Jesus sent the disciples ahead in the boat
And told them he'd catch up later
So the disciples started rowing

And singing foilk songs as they oared
The disciples were bobbing around
Working on their tans and telling whoppers

They pulled the corks on a few bottles
And fished for snapper
When a mighty wind rose up

The boat was thrown back and forth
And flung down into the trough of waves
Now the disciples dropped their bottles and poles

And were boohooing and wetting their pants
It was like Hurricane Bertha times seventy-seven
The wind shrieked and the rain came down in a torrent

The boards creaked and splintered
The boat shuddered and shook and was tossed around
The Sea of Galilee like a rubber duck

All of a sudden someone shouts "Look!"
And off in the distance was a smoky apparation
A great big gaslighted man in a purple robe

Was stomping across the water
And the waves parted before him
When the disciples saw Him

They thought it was a spook
Until he got closer to them
And yelled "Courage!"

"Don't be afraid" and Peter doubted him
"If that's you Lord let me come to you on the water"
And Jesus said "that's right baby! Hop in"

And Peter got out of the boat and started trudging
On the water toward Jesus but he saw the wind and was afraid
He forgot about Jesus and started to sink

'Lord, save me!'
And Jesus snatched up his hand and caught him
'You of little faith,' he said, 'why did you doubt?'"

The hands of grace pulled Peter to safety
And it wasn't so long from then
That Peter would deny even knowing Jesus.

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