Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Alien Lore No 150 -- The Big Radio

By Jack Brummet, Alien Lore Editor

As late as the 1920s, many people (including Albert Einstein) still considered light signals as the most practical way to contact distant civilizations/The Greys (a/k/a aliens). Radio transmitters were not yet capable of focusing a beam on a distant planet. It took a 50,000 watt station, like KGO San Francisco, WOR NYC, or KIRO Seattle, to even broadcast up and down the coasts. And finally, scientists gradually became convinced that Mars did not have the conditions to support life. . . therefore, any Greys or ETs, would exist much, much further away.

It wasn't until 1959 that radio-based SETI [Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence] started to be taken seriously. Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison showed that radar transmitters of the time were powerful enough to send signals light years through space. "If we can do it, then the aliens might be doing it."

And we've been trying to speak to them ever since.

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