Thursday, October 01, 2009

Alien Lore No. 158 - The Apollo 12 UFO sightings

Apollo 12, with Charles Conrad, Dick Gordon, Allan Bean was airborne-- less than a minute after blast-off, when it was hit by a bolt of lightning . All electrical equipment shut down, but within three minutes , power was restored. The source of the bolt remained a mystery to space experts. No one could ever really explain where the lightning came from, if it was lightning.

As Apollo 12 rocketed at the Moon, observatories throughout Europe began reporting sightings of two bright flashing unknown objects in the craft's vicinity. One UFO semed to be following the spacecraft, and the other seemed to be traveling in front of it. Both objects were blinking on and off rapidly. On November 15th, the three Apollo 12 astronauts told Mission Control/Houston that they had in fact sighted two "bogeys."

The rest of the story? Crickets, so far.

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