Thursday, September 03, 2009

Horsin' Around? Shades of the Enumclaw horse sex case--another Washington State man succumbs to the lure of a smokin' filly

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Will this turn out to be a callback to the Enumclaw Horse Sex case? [ed's note: For whatever reason, some of the highest hits on All This Is That from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines are for the horse sex stories we published a few years ago. The other high hits are also usually related to something especially salacious, scandalous, or fictional (which are mostly salacious AND scandalous) that appear here...]

According to the Associated Press, a pantless, Finley, Washington man is accused of harassing a neighbor's horse. And "trespassing." The Tri-City Herald said the horse owner found the man with no pants chasing a horse at three-thirty a.m. Benton County sheriff's deputies identified a 26-year-old man, living next door, as the suspect. He was jailed for investigation of trespassing. Deputies also were called to the home Thursday evening when the owner "saw the same bald man scaring the horse enough to break through an electrical and barb-wire fence." He was wearing a black T-shirt and had pants on this time.

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Al Arntsen said...

Oh no! Not again!


Anonymous said...

Lol that's funny to picture a man chasing down a horse with no pants on