Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Three incredible moments with fledgling Senator Al Franken

So many people wrote Al Franken off as a lightweight and hand-wringing liberal pansy, that, despite writing some good books, a lot of great comedy, sounding pretty damned smart, passionate, and knowledgeable on his radio show, and being a lifetime Grateful Dead fan, even I started to wonder.

As it turns out, judging from these amazing video clips, Senator Franklin is a master of retail politics. His grasp of health care fundamentals and geography are just stunning in these glimpses of Al "among the people."

Al handles an angry teabagger ambush with aplomb and an incredible mastery of the subject and issues:

Al draws a map of the U.S. from memory in a couple of minutes. Wow! I wonder how many of the 534 other members of Congress could pull off this one? I will add a little bit of a disclaimer here. I first saw Al do this about 20 years ago on the David Letterman show, so in some sense this is a parlor trick he mastered long ago. But it is impressive nonetheless.

And finally Al aces Ann Coulter by saying he would choose to be Adolph Hitler:


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