Thursday, September 10, 2009

All This Is That awards President Barack Obama The Halo

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By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Correspondent

For only the 11th time in five years, All This Is That is awarding The Halo, this time to The President. This is his second halo. I am not going to analyze the speech here. Go watch it on YouTube.

I do think, however, that as great at The President's speech was, in tenor and substance, his response to Representative Joe "douchebag" Wilson was anemic. Instead of merely saying"that's not true!" BHO should instead have called the cracker out right there in the middle of the speech. Or asked the Secret Service to escort the hillbilly out of the room. Or better yet, marched down to Wilson and clocked him, or even asked the closest Secret Serviceman to borrow his 9 .mm, and gone down and popped him once in each kneecap. But alas, such was not to be, and we'll just have to settle for the personal and professional ignominy that is currently, and will keep hailing down, on yet another member of the South Carolina delegation (and their former teammate, Democrat John Edwards).

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