Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horsing around: Co-conspirator in Enumclaw beastiality/horse sex case arrested in Tennessee

By Jack Brummet
All This Is That Social Mores and Ethics Correspondent

Illustration by Jack Brummet

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As you may or may not know, All This Is That has [too?] extensively covered the Enumclaw beastiality/horse sex case over the last four years. I grew up in that neck of the woods, and while a lot of my friends had horses, we never really considered them potential f*** buddies.

But once again, the Enumclaw beastiality case makes its way back into the news as two men face animal cruelty charges for sex acts with a horse. The "authorities" found more than 100 videotapes showing Tait and others engaging in sex with animals.

According to the Columbia [Tennessee] Daily Herald, authorities arrested 58-year-old James Michael Tait and charged him with three counts of animal cruelty. Fellow horse f***er, Kenny Thomason, 44, faces two counts. Thompson, according to authorities, was actually not involved in the sex acts, but allowed the crime to continue. Tait is in the Maury County, Tennessee Jail, in lieu of the $125,000 bond.

Authorities say Tait repeatedly engaged in sex acts with a stud horse [ed's note: why wouldn't you select a filly?] at a farm. A police captain reportedly discovered pictures of Tait in flagrante. They didn't mention how the Captain found the photographs--on the internet?, or perhaps he was called by a clerk at the local Foto-Mat?

In 2005, the Seattle Police charged Tait with making a videotape of a friend engaging in sex acts with a horse. The friend died from internal injuries. However, due to our state's laws at the time, authorities could only charge Tait with trespassing. He pleaded guilty, served a year of probation ,and paid a $300 fine. Since then, the Washington State legislature actually enacted a law prohibiting beastiality here. Apparently Tennessee has dealt with this issue before.

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