Monday, May 31, 2010

Video: A man reunites with old gorilla friend

Another Jeff Clinton he wrote, "Man reunites with gorilla after five years. Bring a handkerchief."


Thanking the vets on memorial day (especially my two favorite vets).

Can we say Happy Memorial Day, or should you? But then you can't wish someone a glum day either. In any case, thanks vets, and especially my mom (Marines, World War II, still sharp and cranky at 86) and my dad John 2nd, (both in the Army and the Navy in WW II, died in 1964).

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Colum and Del. . .way back

A photo of Colum and Del by our friend David Grosten taken around 15 years ago.

Click to enlarge...


Friday, May 28, 2010

Wow. Bill Withers sings a stunning song at the Rumble In The Jungle

This song is a real knockout.  He sang this at the concert before The Rumble In The Jungle in Zaire, where Muhammed Ali knocked out George Foreman.

A couple of interesting Bill Withers facts:  1) he was making toilet seats for the Boeing Company when he was working on his first album, and 2) in 1985, he just stopped making music (publicly anyway).


Orgy In The Pantry

Orgy In The Pantry
By Jack Brummet

Soft pulses murmur in the distance:
Muffled voices murmur counterpoint music,
Sing-song transactions hum
Through wood and plaster, doors and walls.
The push and pull of iambic conversation,
And the percussive boom of laughter
Skein a polyrhythmic framework
On a symphony of voices.

A rustling sound upstairs
Wakes me.
I get out of bed
And edge up the stairs.
The sounds pull into focus
And the parts emerge.
Heavy breathing, moaning,
A rhythmic thumping, groans and giggles.

I shuffle to the pantry
And ease the door open,
Walking between nylons, belts, a bra,
T-shirts, striped trousers, a housedress,
Skirts, vests, shoes and socks,
Camisoles. panties, and sweaters,
A toque, monocle, and top hat.

I step in and nearly trip on
Mr. Peanut, lying on his back
With a Grand Coulee grin on his mug
And Sara Lee in fishnet stockings on top,
Rubbing peanut butter
On her breasts and nether parts.
Snap, Crackle and Pop are naked
On the floor, daisy chained
In various conjugations
With the Campbell Soup Twins.

Aunt Jemima and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee
Are in the corner, half undressed,
Staring into each others eyes
And sharing a bottle of wine.
Duncan Hines is against the wall
Watching. . .getting solo kicks,
Digging the scene at the voyeur remove
Where watching trumps participation.

Uncle Ben and Speedy Alka Seltzer
Sip mint juleps, watching the Doublemint Twins'
Messopotamian strip-tease.

Mr. Clean and Tony The Tiger are oiled up,
Greek style, grappling on the pine floorboards.
Enveloped in a churning cloud of flour,
Betty Crocker's housedress is hiked up around her hips,
Arms on the Pilsbury Doughboy's shoulders.
The Jolly Green Giant and Mrs. Butterworth
Waltz around the pantry
And Mrs. B's feet never touch the floor.

Captain Crunch, Colonel Sanders,
Bazooka Joe and The Frito Bandido
Sit in a circle, passing a bong
And laughing at the show.

I don't know if I'm dreaming or awake,
If I should go to sleep or wake up,
Quit dreaming I'm awake
Or quit imagining I'm asleep.
I don't know whether to
Spectate, participate, or abrogate.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Help Jack stay out of jail by raising his bail!

I NEED YOUR HELP!               
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Your donation is my key to freedom! I need $2,400 to get out. The good news, aside from getting me off the streets a while, is that we're providing help and hope to kids and adults served by MDA in the Seattle area, and nation-wide.  We've raised a lot of money for MDA in the last week, and we're about $250 from our goal.  Give me a hand here and push me over the edge...

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Poem: Explosions

Every cell in the body
is replaced every seven years
I'm no longer the Jack

I was in 2003
poems and explosions
go off in my skull

as each cell fades
my brain rewires itself
and the new circuits

begin to sing
in a synaptic chorus line
and I don't know

if I will wake up
in the morning
as Adolph Hitler,

Bishop Tutu
or something
in between.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Long Winters and Grand Hallway

Saw a great show at the Crocodile last night.  It's the first time I'd been since the rehab/reopening.  It's so much better now for viewing shows--we were in the balcony...a small bar overlooking the stage.  Nice.

The Long Winters, particularly John Roderick were good, and Roderick, as he always is, was hilarious.  They play a hard driving kind of power pop, and very few downtempo tunes.

Grand Hallway

I was really knocked out by Grand Hallway.  A really interesting, energetic, and different band that;s been getting a lot of buzz, and great notices at South by Southwest.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meth, Porn on the taxpayer's nickel, "free" tickets and other graft: how would the off-shore drilling watchdogs ever find time to regulate?

By Pablo Fanque
National Affairs Editor

The Inspector General released a report today that details major abuses, graft, and corruption at the agency that "oversees" off-shore oil drilling.    The Minerals Management Service abuses are shocking but hardly surprising.  As we've seen in dozens of other cozy relationships between government employees and vendors, the lines rapidly become blurred as the employees *cough* regulators nestle snugly in the pockets of the dirtbags they were hired to control.   Interestingly the IG, Mary Kendall notes that "we discovered that the individuals involved in the fraternizing and gift exchange both government and industry have often known one another since childhood."

Curiously, the MMS is located in Denver--about as far as you can possibly be from the sites you are charged with overseeing. 

None of this is new.   The previous Inspector General--Earl Devaney--in 2008 reported a "culture of ethical failure" and numerous conflicts of interest at the minerals agency.

You can read the entire story of the new Inspector General's report here, on

"Staff members at an agency that oversees offshore drilling accepted tickets to sports events, lunches and other gifts from oil and gas companies and used government computers to view pornography, according to an Interior Department report alleging a culture of cronyism between regulators and the industry.

"In at least one case, an inspector for the Minerals Management Service admitted using crystal methamphetamine and said he might have been under the influence of the drug the next day at work, according to the report by the acting inspector general of the Interior Department.

"The report cites a variety of violations of federal regulations and ethics rules at the agency's Louisiana office. Previous inspector general investigations have focused on inappropriate behavior by the royalty-collection staff in the agency's Denver office."

Monday, May 24, 2010

We're almost there--$300 will push us over the top!

Wow. Thanks to everyone for your generous donations to the MDA, and to keeping my out of jail. I'm already on the home stretch--it's not too late if you still want to kick in a few sheckels or piastre...

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Help me stay put of jail--donate to the MDA today!

MDA fundraising update: 

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adios, Senator Eject Arlen Specter

by Pablo Fanque
National Affairs Editor

Adios Senator Arlen Specter. His desperate Hail Mary, of course, failed.

We haven't much cottoned to the Senator since his relentless hectoring of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. But in the end, no one really likes a turncoat/rat and Specter was sent packing...

Welcome to the new Senator Elect, and a not so fond farewell to the Senator Eject.

The Carpenters - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

By Jack Brummet
All This Is That Paranormal and Alien Lore Editor

This is certainly the kookiest song The Carpenters ever performed.  And it's interesting.  Even for the year in which it came out, its subject matter was out there. As for The Carpenters--I was not a fan at the time, but in the last few years I came to realize what an really amazing voice Karen Carpenter had.  And this's still wack all these years later. 

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
In your mind you have capacities you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we're about to sing
(*) calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft
Repeat (*)

You've been observing our earth
And we'd like to make a contact with you
We are your friends
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary ultra-emissaries

We've been observing your earth
And one night we'll make a contact with you
We are your friends
Calling occupants of interplanetary quite extraordinary craft

And please come on peace, we beseech you
Only a landing will teach them
Our earth may never survive
So do come, we beg you
Please interstellar policeman
Oh, won't you give us a sign
Give us a sign that we've reached you

With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes, you concentrate
Together that's the way
To send the message
We declare world contact day

Repeat (*) twice

Friday, May 21, 2010

Six photos of Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Six pictures of Ernesto "Che" Guevara.  I am reading a long and excellent biography of him right now--Guevara, Also Known as Che by Paco Ignacio Taibo II.  A fascinating story and an excellent read.

The last picture is the one that has become the face of Che everywhere (including t-shirts, posters, etc.).  Some people say it is the most famous photograph in the world.  It was taken at a funeral, following the (CIA-assisted) bombing of a ship in Havana.   


Harry Porter's Relay Computer - what a beautiful analog labor of love

Wow.  Check out the story, video, and photos of  Harry Porter's home-made relay computer here.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Help spring Jack Brummet from jail!!

I have just been arrested and will be going to jail (I know, some of you are thinking "what took so long?") for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Executive Lock-up.

Don’t bother asking what crime I have committed – it’s not really that important. And most of you probably have a good guess.  If I raise bail of $2,400 before the Lock-Up, they will go easy on me, but I need your HELP to post my bond. Your donation will help MDA continue research into the cause and the possible cure of the 43 neuromuscular diseases they cover. Your support of the MDA Lock-Up will also help MDA provide medical equipment, clinic visits, support groups and a much-needed week of MDA Summer Camp for the families served by the Association. If my FB pals, blog readers, friends and family each kick in a few bucks, we'll make my bail. Please donate $5, $20, $100, or even $1.000. It's 100% tax deductible. If we all pull together, I can avoid bunking with my cellmates Tiny, Psycho, or El Cuchillo.

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If you donate $500, I'll come to your house and make a four-course dinner with wine and beer pairings for you and seven of your friends--Paella, North Carolina barbecue, Mexican Nayarit/Jalisco, Italian, Vietnamese, or NW cuisine--you name it--carnivore, gluten-free, vegan...whatever works for you.

Thank you ever so much. And, hey, Jerry Lewis thanks you too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The last photos from India - the Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves, in the Aurangabad District (the same area where we saw the Ellora Caves) in Maharashtra, India are 30 rock-cut cave monuments created during the 1st BC and 5th century AD.  They contain paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of Buddhist religious art.

I skipped this excursion, so there aren't too many pictures (I don't take good photos, but I take a lot of them!).  I have not succeeded in getting one of my fellow travellers to write about them. 

Keelin and Colin with a monkey and someone who wanted a photo.

These next two photos were taken at the house of our driver (who ferried us out to the country outside Aurangabad)...actually his sister's house.  They were a large extended Moslem family

The sleeping Buddha, carved into a wall at Adjanta, and for perspective,
see the photo below, where the Buddha dwarfs Claire

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Common Ground between Ernesto "Che" Guevara and the Tea Party Movement

By Jack Brummet
Poetry, Pranks, and Paranormal Editor
filling in for National Affairs Editor Pablo Fanque on assignment in Louisiana

"The people are never in the wrong; we make the mistakes and need to be corrected by them." - Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Members of the Tea Party Movement would embrace this statement whole-heartedly if they didn't know the author.  Guevara, however,  was actually referring to a majority, and the will of the people, and not to a splinter movement of cranky, hard-right factionalists.

With the Tea Party's first victory today, you have to wonder .just what their de facto front-runner has in mind. . .

Monday, May 17, 2010

Matt Smith: Nature Walk With Chuck from Almost Live

Three espisodes of my friend's Matt Smith's Nature Walks With Chuck, from the Seattle sketch comedy show, Almost Live.

Alien Lore. No. 172 - Is The Voyager 2 overrun with Greys 8.5 billion miles from earth?

Thanks to Jeff Clinton...for the alien lore news tip. 

Hartwig Hausdorf, an author of several books and German UFO expert recently said that a NASA spacecraft may have been hijacked by aliens, who are now attempting to contact Earth.

Hausdorf claims that Voyager 2, an un-manned probe we fired into space 33 years ago, is transmitting unintelligible signals from aliens who are now attempting to contact Earth.

After the erratic signals from the ship, the Voyager 2 went silent on April 22nd.  NASA told reporters that engineers were working to solve a data transmission fault.  NASA's only comment on the alien story are that the fault is a glitch in the probe's computer memory.  You may remember that Steven Hawking recently warned us to quit trying to contact aliens (because they would likely not arrive here with the noblest of intentions).

Voyager 2 and its twin, Voyager 1, launched in 1977 to explore Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Thirty years later they are the most distant human-made objects in outer space.  Scientists say that the Voyager 1 is more than 8.5 billion miles from Earth and will soon leave the heliosphere (the sun's bubble) for interstellar space.  Each vessel contain a disk for whoever might find them with music, images, mathematical formulas, cultural artifacts, and greetings in 55 languages. Maybe the Greys didn't like what they saw and heard??   Or it was a Valentine from a planet ripe for plunder.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of my contemporaries scores again

A man wearing only a pair of woman's thong panties n his head has become the first person arrested under Boulder's public nudity law.  Police said 55 year old Glenn Ford was standing naked on an off ramp of Highway 36 during the Thursday rush hour this week.  Cops said Ford was drunk and refused to put on his clothes.

I've seen naked people in public four times (aside from hot springs/hot tubs and locker rooms)--once in the awesome Italian deli in long-gone Woolworth's (!), on Market Street/Powell in San Francisco,  where a woman was shopping, carrying a basket on her arm, stark naked; once, on the Upper West Side in Manhattan near our apartment where a bum (sorry - I'm not sure of the politically correct terms for bum or hobo, derelict, or fuck-up) was strolling naked; once in Seattle at 1 AM when I was driving home from a late night at work and two girls and one boy stepped toward the street and waves--all stark naked; and once in Pioneer Square--another bum, who was pushing a shopping cart, wearing only a pair of flip-flops.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

       By Pablo Fanque     
   National Affairs Editor  

The Ex-Governor makes a plea for diligent scholarship, research, and fact checking. Does this strike anyone else as insanely disingenuous? Her vituperation against the media is always fascinating, since even more than most politicians, she owes her fame and fortune to that same media. In fact, she is now a part of that media as a Fox News employee, and Fox has never been accused of meticulous fact checking in their hysterical "news" coverage.

From Sarah Palin's Facebook posting today:

  Research is your friend, News Media. Try it sometime. 

                            By Sarah Palin

The more things change, the more they stay the same with twisted media coverage of my comments. Stories from yesterday are littered with typical inaccuracies and half truths; and in our never-ending quest to hold the press accountable, here are the points that require correction:

1) I was not “interviewed” by ABC News. I had an ABC News camera in my face while I was signing things and greeting some attendees following the Susan B. Anthony List Breakfast.

2) My remarks at the NRA Annual Meeting regarding the anti-Second Amendment sentiments of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi were as follows:

“President Obama and his allies like Nancy Pelosi have been relatively quiet on the gun control front – not because they don’t want to limit your rights, but because they’re afraid of the political consequences. Don’t doubt for a minute that if they thought they could get away with it, they would ban guns, and ban ammunition, and gut the Second Amendment.” (emphasis added)

That’s what I said. And here’s what Barack Obama himself once said: “Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress.” (emphasis added)

Now, what proof do we have that he would want to limit our Second Amendment rights? Well, he made some pretzel-like equivocating statements about our individual right to keep and bear arms, and he flip-flopped on his opinion in the Heller case and then still wouldn’t come out and say that the court made the right decision. But the real proof is his terrible anti-gun record as a state senator in Illinois, where he voted repeatedly in favor of banning guns and ammunition. He even expressed his support for state legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.” (This outrageous position was declared in a questionnaire, which candidate Obama later claimed he “never saw or approved,” despite the fact that his handwriting was on it – a fact which he did not dispute.)

As for Nancy Pelosi – she’s a San Francisco Democrat. That should be proof enough. But if you require more: She has an F rating from the NRA and supports gun bans and registration laws.

As noted in my remarks, I don’t believe that it’s politically expedient for them to attack our Second Amendment Rights. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to do so if they had the chance.

3) Despite reporters’ claims to the contrary, Obamacare does allow for public funding of abortion in myriad ways, which is why the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (speaking as the voice of authority for the Catholic Church in America) unequivocally opposed Obamacare despite the Church’s long desire for health care reform.

4) As for the remarks I made yesterday about my beautiful son, Trig, I ask that you watch my speech here and judge for yourself my intentions.

Friday, May 14, 2010

poem: [when the green grass is pulled up]

When the green grass is pulled up
The sod comes with it
There is no one
Without the other
No valley is not followed by a slope
And no going not followed by return
There is no relief without an ache
And no virus without a host

One who parries danger
Is testing the margins of life
The bricks fall into the moat
The king's body hangs naked
From the flagpole
A ruler topples
And for one moment in transit
Change is in the air

Is Solicitor General/Supreme Court Associate Justice Nominee Gay? a) "Who cares?" and b) "Cool. It's about time."

By Jack Brummet & Pablo Fanque
Social Mores Editor & National Affairs Editor and various other sites have been debating and reporting on whether or not Elena Kagan in gay.  Our first reaction is "who cares?"  And, second, is "cool..  It's about time."   But if she is a lesbian, she will not be the first homosexual to sit on the bench, at least if you believe at all in probability and statistics.  Those statistics seems to say that around 10% of people are gay.  Therefore, The Supremes have likely had at least ten gay justices.  The issue then becomes sort of a snoozer, whichever way it turns out future Justice Kagan swings. 

From  "[Sarah] Walzer, half amused and half appalled to be discussing her friend’s sexual orientation, agreed to be interviewed after Kagan’s supporters decided they should tactfully put an end to the rumor, which White House officials had already tried to squelch in background interviews with reporters. She said she decided to talk to POLITICO because the discussion of Kagan’s personal life has become a 'distraction.' ”

As usual, none of the mainstream media are not really touching the story (and I admire them for that).  But then the mainstream media becomes less of a factor in all of this almost day by day.  There are probably kids being born tonight who will never hold a newspaper in their hands.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

George Bush Unfiltered...I kind of miss him

By Jack Brummet
Arts and Paranormal Editor

One thing I did like about George W. Bush as President (one of the very few) was his--sometimes shocking and often appalling--lack of filters.  I don't know if you remember some of his post 9/11 speeches on waging war, but he was dangerously bellicose. . .and committed.  George didn't quite stray into Curtis LeMay's "Bomb them into the Stone Age" turf either.  Ish.    BHO's carefully nuanced speech makes Dubyah's twisted syntax and rambling seem *almost* charming.

One of President Bush's best wack moments ever came down in a speech he made on  on May 25, 2005 at the Greece Athena Middle and High School in Greece, New York.

"...third time I've said that. [Laughter.] I'll probably say it three more times. See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda. [Applause.]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What are Sarah Palin's Prospects? Pablo Fanque speculates on the mid-term elections and beyond

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

As we all know,  the vice-presidency in modern politics has not exactly been a golden path to the Oval Office.  Sure, George Bush (Sr.) pulled it off, Dick Nixon was finally elected after eight years in the political wilderness, and Harry Truman and LBJ were catapulted into office by the sudden deaths of the Presidents under whom they were serving. 

Recent unsuccessful vice presidential nominees — like Jack Kemp, John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, and Dan Quayle — never got within miles of the Presidency.  The only two losing vice presidential candidates to win a nomination--Walter Mondale and Bob Dole--were trotted out as sacrificial lambs with no chance of surviving against wildly popular incumbents.  They were both thoroughly trounced in the general election.

What does this mean for Ex-Governor Palin, who was not only a losing Veep candidate, but eventually resigned little more than halfway through her only term as Governor of Alaska?  It's hard to say.  None of these other also-rans attached themselves to a populist movement like the "tea party."  None of them ever stumped as hard as she has for fellow Republicans.  And none of them had amassed the vast mega-million personal war-chest that Palin has collected in the last year.  Whatever you think of her, she has garnered some good ink, a lot of tea-party love,  and political I.O.U.s from GOP candidates and their supporters.  Does that translate into traction as a candidate?  Probably not, but it's too early to tell.  Sarah Palin is unique, her fans are especially dedicated, and the voters seem particularly cranky.  I suspect we will know much more about her prospects after we see what happens in the 36 Senate, 435 House, and 37 gubernatorial elections coming up on November 2nd. 

David Bowie Space Oddity (2009 Remastered) - Major Tom - The Right Stuff...

I remember when this came out (around the same time Lou Reed's Walk On The Wild Side appeared).  It felt like something new that just might take root...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Paul Revere and the Raiders, Pacific NW rock legends, perform "Hungry"

Pacific Northwest rock legends Paul Revere and the Raiders perform "Hungry" I saw the Raiders three times--the first time in about 1969 at Tiffany's Skate Rink in Kent, Washington, and also at The Teen Fair at Seattle Center (the teen fair was a kind of cleaned up acid test for kids). Despite their kooky uniforms, and syncrhonized dance moves, they charted dozens of times in the latre sixties and early seventies.


David Hidalgo and Los Lobos perform "Kiko and the Lavender Moon"

Here is the amazing Los Lobos tune "Kiko and the Lavender Moon," however, the only good version on YouTube was this one, with someone's cat performing tricks. This is David Hidalgo and The Wolves at their absolute peak (and they've had many amazing moments, from their first album 20 years ago to now).


Saturday, May 08, 2010

A milestone of sorts--4,000 entries on All This Is That

We started All This Is That five and a half years ago, in late 2004, and on Friday we posted our 4,000th article. 

ATIT has published every day since the beginning, from Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, NYC, LA, Orange County, San Francisco, Berkeley-Oakland, Boston, Austin, Jensen Beach and the Everglades in Florida, Bucerias Nayarit, Mexico, London and Sheffield England, various locations in Turkey, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and elsewhere in Greece, Montana, Idaho, Eugene and Portland Oregon, and in Udaipur Araungabad, Mumbai/Bombay, and Pune India.


Friday, May 07, 2010

Machete! With Steven Segal, Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan, Rose McGowan

I've been waiting for this movie since the Grindhouse fake trailer...the cast is just unbelievable.  And this guy knows how to make action movies...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says bin Laden is, and has been holed up in Washington, D.C. (or as we call it here, the Other Washington)

By Jack Brummet
All This Is That Foreign Policy Analyst

In response to the hints and allusions-- emanating from the U.S. and in an upcoming documentary--that Osama bin Laden is alive and well and living in Iran, Iran's president Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that that the terrorist leader is probably living in in Washington, D.C.

In an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, The President of Iran responded to a claim in new documentary "Feathered Cocaine" that bin Laden has been living comfortably in Tehran, Iran, for years.  Your question is laughable," Ahmadinejad said with a smile.   "I heard that Osama bin Laden is in Washington, D.C.," he added.

As you know, at any given time, Ahmadinejad will say just about anything.  I realized tonight that Ahmadinejad is not dissimilar to Momar Qaadafi, and the outlandish things he used to say 20 years ago.

Anything's possible, of course, and for all we know, bin Laden could very well be holed up in a supporter's spacious Georgetown townhouse at this very moment, enjoying a dirty Sapphire martini with three olives and a few of his wives.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Poem: Into The Wind.

Into The Wind
by Jack Brummet

Three pearl grey and ivory herring gulls
Fly south into the wind
Over Puget Sound, wheeling, tumbling,

And losing ground
As shifting currents
Scour the air.

They don’t actually want
To migrate south
So much as not go north.

Something in the gulls'
Inner compass says steer clear
Of Ketchikan, Skagway, and Nome.