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Art challenge: Day One - Birds of Prey; Domestics; Accidental Death

By Jack Brummet

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I was nominated by Cathie Joy Young for the 5 day art challenge on Facebook, to publish 3 works a day for 5 days, and name 5 other artists to do so as well.

My nomination for day one is Pegeen White, and for day two, Kathleen Hayden. . Here is my day one:

  • Birds of prey that actually turned out to be kind of friendly looking.
  • Domestics is a sign from a now defunct Ben Franklin store in Kent, Wash., that Keelin picked up one day years ago when we were out there visiting parents.  
  • Accidental Death - There is a story behind this one. When Keelin was in law school, she had to do a mock trial. She had a bunch of exhibits et cetera all done in marker on a large paper pad. This was #3, showing the death as the result of the events outlined in #1 and #2. Anyhow, we had that pad of paper with us for years. One day I pulled out the pad and decided to illustrate it. I chose No. 3 for its dramatic content, and it was one of the first watercolor/Sharpie drawings I ever did.