Sunday, December 11, 2011

Contrary to the wingnuts' claims, BHO is no dove. He's a Scoop Jackson Democrat.

Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor

Image from JP Moore at Buzzfeed.

I've never doubted BHO's bellicosity; I never thought he was soft on war. He let us know that from the very beginning.  He was never against war, but he was very particular about which war he wanted.  The difference between him and President George W. Bush was the focus of their multi-pronged war, not war itself. In some ways, he's a Scoop Jackson defense democrat (if you doubt that, look at the current defense and war budgets), who is now facing potential action in Pakistan, and if things blow up, Iran.  And those wars are in addition to sending troops and advisers into other various hot spots and troubled regions (for example, Libya and Egypt).  He may not be a hawk, but he is a Defense Democrat ala JFK.   Appeasement?  Come on.  President Barack Obama is no George McGovern or Gene McCarthy.  And he most certainly is not a Neville Chamberlain.  

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