Friday, February 08, 2013

The paintings of Ex-President George W. Bush

By Jack Brummet, Painting and Drawings Editor

The artist at work [Guccifer is the hacker who stole these photos]

A hacker recently broke into some of the Bush family's email accounts.  From GWB's sisters account, comes images of paintings that Dubyah has created...  A report from The Smoking Gun is here.

For my part, the best revelations were of George W. Bush, the artist--one shows him naked in the shower, the other of his legs and feet in a bath, with the tap running. The Smoking Gun said that Dubyyah  sent them to his sister, Dorothy Bush Koch.  There was also a photograph showing him at his easel working.

 George W. Bush, self portrait in the shower

 George W. Bush, self portrait in the bath

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