Monday, August 26, 2013

Smoke Farm Lo Fi Festival 2013 - Photos and videos, part 3

By Jack Brummet, Lo-Fi ed.

The exhibits and performances we saw Saturday at Smoke Farm, on the shores of the Stillaguamish River:

the bonfire gets going

torches lit for the march to the acrobats

Bonfire, continued

a curious exhibit with cool ambient music

This globe was a translucent sculpture (when illuminated), and felt airy, paper-y, and insubstantial. Kind of like a Japanese paper lantern. I saw the globe earlier, during the day as its own piece of art. At night, we were led by the wonderful Orkestra Zirconium on a 15 minute walk through the woods to see this acrobatic tour de force by Tanya Brno and Yuri Kinoshita. The globe was hoisted up about 30-40 feel in the air, suspended from a tree. The acrobat mostly stayed in the globe, at times dangling her head or legs out of the opening, and later descended to earth, twirling downward on a red, silky looking rope. In the dark, it was just amazing. I never could figure out how the thing could support someone spinning around and twirling and somehow standing on some sort of platform or strut in the globe, which looked flimsier than Papier Mâché.
. . .

A march through the woods with Orkesta Zirconium

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