Thursday, December 12, 2013

Presidents with Presidents.

By Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Ed.
& Mona Goldwater, Global News Ed.

ATIT loves The Presidents; some, sure, more than others. We like the photos, and particularly multi-Presidents shots. Here are some good shots of three Presidents, three first ladies, and one likely/potential new Prez at the Nelson Mandela funeral in South Africa. We also include the now notorious image of President Obama taking an iPhone selfie with the Prime Ministers of Denmark and England. . .

These images come from White House photographer Pete Souza.

Jack told us today that "the further George Bush recedes in the mirror" the more he likes him. He has written a couple of controversial posts about he affection for the retired President, with people sniping about him slipping into a hexegenerian, right bent/redneck space. He said "who cares about the politics? He had me once all the paintings came out. I love this guy!"

"I've written him twice now, offering to sponsor a gallery show, do an interview strictly focused on his art, and display better, high def photographs of his work rather than the fuzzy ones we all published (because there was nothing else). It was gotta get this stuff out there. People want to see it. Maybe buy it. Let me know. Mr. President. And give my love to your dad and mom."

Jack is a sick biscuit, but these photos (maybe not the editorial comment) are worth seeing. Especially Dubyah showing pictures of his paintings to Hillary and Michelle.

The following two images are from (George W. Bush's Instagram site):


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