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Alien Lore No.263 - One week of UFO sightings reported at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)

By Jack Brummet, Alien Lore Ed.

[Ed's note: We know that Alien Lore is many people's least favorite part of ATIT.  If it makes you feel any better, we haven't posted an Alien Lore article since May 9, 2014].

Over the last week, the following UFO sightings were submitted to the Mutual UFO Network's online reporting page. Here are the brief summaries submitted by submitters.  Much more information is included in the actual report.  If you are interested, go here.

Here are the summaries of various sightings reported on MUFON over the last week:

·         square, round flickering color lights hovering at times speratic [sic] movement
·         Boomerang shaped ufo moving southeast without noise.
·         craft split into 2 pieces
·         both were bright starlight like - moving in a straight pattern through sky
·         Night sky, NE direction, size of star, color was white with flickering red and blue colors. Object hovered, moved left, right, up, and down.
·         3 lights that went straight up into the clouds
·         Driving towards Sherrard, fellow passenger notices object coming towards East from the West. As object travels towards us I I pulled over to see object directly above us traveling in great speed with a golden trail. Then object slowed & continued on.
·         Very large UFO with windows hovering close to trees
·         Looked like maybe a planet but too weird and close to be.
·         Standing on balcony saw an extremely bright light coming from the northwest flying east watched for about 1 min before taping
·         UFO passes by power line grid
·         All kinfs  [sic]
·         UFO appeared to be bigger than an aircraft carrier and looked like a cargo container.
·         Memphis resident films ufo during firework show at local park. Ufo seemed to stick around for about 2 minutes. The ufo can be seen above the fireworks pulsating and changing colors.
·         from se.then over me then lites  [sic] went dim and gone.
·         Object looked like rectangular home in fenced but empty field across the street
·         came behind a shooting star
·         Sightseeing and then we took pictures it was not there we looked at the pictures it was in the pictures
·         the object was moving thru a thin layer of clouds , i got binoculars could see outline of craft, no wings saw 2 white strobe lights st front 1 red at rear
·         saw 3bright stars in the sky.They moved zigzag. I started to walk home, over a 5 story building hovered a large saucer shaped object.
·         my daughter looked up at the sky and saw a strange object flying really fast, then stopped moving then flew again
·         26 Orange lights flying from North and turning West before disappearing
·         My fiancé and I saw a very large, very bright glowing, object silently heading northeast in a downward direction. The object appeared to be multiply triangular. The whole sighting was only about 1 minute long.
·         Star like object, NE position very bright, but had bright light turned on upper portion for for 10-15 seconds.
·         Flew above a plane. Bright flash and sped southeast
·         Ufo- Disc flying sideways, solid lead/gray color in downtown Rodeo, CA flying almost parallel to Parker Ave.
·         Appeared to be an explosion in a small craft in sky 9/26/14 over Parker, CO
·         Seen by 2 other neighbors with me
·         Two unblinking orange lights in a parallel line with a faint green glow on right tip of triangle; SW direction toward Crane NB @ steady constant speed.
·         I was sitting outside and I seen a bright white/blue light hovering then it flew away/dissapered  [sic]
·         Multiple lights on object
·         Two flashes of low altatude  [sic] light followed by obstruction of an area of the sky.
·         Misty white orb at high rate of speed seen traveling SE - 3 to 4 times speed of airplane
·         Was it just a cloud or what?
·         Hovering orange ball of light
·         Looked Like Faint Yellow Stationary Star Then Moved And Stopped Randomly In All Directions Not Always In Straight Lines Back And Forth Side To Side And Stationary
·         Unknown objects were not noticed until looking at the photo the day after it was taken.
·         Observed a bright orange object with a red top flying from the east to west
·         Flashing lights in distance, alternating sequential pattern of red and green.
·         Stange  [sic] UFO with flashing reed, white and blue lights hovering over Foothill Ranch and Mission Viejo
·         I looked straight up through the trees and saw what I thought was a star, except it was too early for any stars to be out yet. It stayed in that spot, but quite glowing & was just a ball in the sky, it then changed to two balls, then three then faded away
·         Spherical object with multiple direction and elevation changes observed
·         We were watching a movie at the drive in theater when I noticed small lights beside the screen.
·         Multiple Red white green stationary lights in sky
·         multiple Star like lights flashing in the sky, stationary then very fast moving with erratic lights which made it look more disc like
·         Bright starlike light that quickly changed its path, hovered, ascended, descended, all very quickly.
·         Triangle Shaped Object, Low & Slow Flying
·         2 bright orange lights moving fast and occasionally slowing down shortly followed by a lot of planes
·         star like object to the northeast flashing several colors moving in a circle and then side to side seen on 2 other nights object fadded  [sic] out completely and returned several feet to the east .
·         A brief summary of my experiences
·         i saw it on my film after i unloaded them onto my computer but didnt see it with naked eye
·         A formation of dull white objects over Natrona County, WY
·         After the Socrates Cafe meeting at the DPL I was noticed by one other attendee of possible UFO activity outside, preceding outside I saw the the last 5 OBalls slowly flying west, the one and at least 2 or 3 other witnesses saw 15 or more, in formation.
·         Silver reflective object observed to the east above pueblo county this is not the first time sometimes there are up to three of these objects disappearing and reappearing Also making un natural movements to known physics .
·         Rainbow colored flashing/pulsating diamond in sky
·         Appeared south of Reno, traveled very fast northward, pulsates appx 72/min.
·         flashing 2 red lights then other thing following red and white flashing lights
·         On 9/22/14 at 9:30 PM I saw a ufo appear from bright light then disappeared moving easterly direction.
·         Orb circling
·         Bright light flashing in sky, from white to red and blue. Remained stationary, but moved a little with light trailing behind it.
·         taking fall color picxs  [sic]  and noticed object when I downloaded the pics on my computer
·         2 lights in sky duraaaaaaaa@àng thunder storm  [sic]
·         star like object high moving then zipping away
·         4 orange-ish lights; moving very fast/straight; thought was plane, but no sound. then 2 moved off to the right slightly
·         one worm like metal thing that could bend and then a ufo captured in video
·         Orbs of light traveling, then hovering, then shimmering away
·         appeers as birds from a distance  [sic]
·         single green light with fiery trail at times. Split into several similar objects with same characteristics.
·         Apparition appeared in photo when viewed on cell phone
·         Very large rectangular shape hovered above US 41 at light. for a minute or two
·         large triangle flew over us at high altitude.
·         bright disc traveling N to S, disappeared over horizon
·         3 lights in triangle top right light shot to W, top right & bottom formation to NE
·         Looked like a star but it was pulsating with Green, Red, Blue, & white lights
·         Photo of 3 lights or transparent triangle ufo in clouds
·         Ball of light; orb
·         so bright it woke me up. pink, green, white lights as bright as bright headlights, hovered and orbs morphed.
·         During daylight, above a residential home, while walking, was moving slow, blue and silver, blinking white light. about 5 minutes
·         Giant long object with box window like lights along the whole object. Hovering for mins.
·         I saw something that resembled a plane, but it did not have wings and it was not moving. White/silver in color, and cylinder shaped.
·         craft hovers then slightly will move left to right up and down.
·         Husband and I sitting outside when we saw a large gray/white rectangle object with one long object coming out from the side of it, red on the side of it, flying above road line, low enough to see it only had one object on one side and red on it.
·         Found strange triangular shaped mark on left arm.
·         red/white/pink/blue object with humming noise ( posted already, but don’t know how to edit old one)
·         observed 2 craft in sky one flame looking, the other white blue and green. they both morphed shape and at times appeared to seperate.  [sic]
·         heard a humming noise, it was right above me, before i could process what it was it zoomed away then hovered [sic]  then change direction
·         Black triangle. Three lights. One on each point. over tree line. Fast.
·         Unidentifiable aircraft with blue, red, and white lights over Huntington Beach
·         went out at around 11 pm, saw slow moving bright light (rising) went in to get binoculars for better look- when i came out it was gone ( not longer than 1 minute)
·         I saw a stationary, hovering object in the air, while driving on my way home from work.
·         Saw Blue light that changed to white and red hovering and wobbling around in sky
·         Eight glowing lights over the intersection of 40 and 270
·         First night objects that would circle 2nd none. 3rd multiple triangles. It was also aired on van Zander county radio I witnessed it I'm a paramedic me my mom police officer saw even my grandmother I told wafts twice about it but there tpnight are fighter
·         they are so many differend [sic]kinds of them. i see them in the day time with scops.[sic]  best time to see is 5pm till dark thats [sic] when they come out of the mountains
·         continuation of case #58566

·         Watching FSU/Clemson FB game , saw streak of orange trail like falling star.  Stopped video and backed up, using frame by frame saw white light, took picture, enlarged shows number of lights in triangle shape some different colors.  Blimp in area.

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