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Friday, September 26, 2014

Painting: The first map

By Jack Brummet

This is the first map I ever drew and painted.  They got better as time went on, but this one's special because it was the first, and because I used an old window from our house as the frame.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

JCBSUP? (Jesus Christ Built Seattle Under Protest)

by Jack Brummet, Seattle Metro Ed.

JCBSUP, a/k/a "Jesus Christ Built Seattle Under Protest" is a mnemonic allegedly used by taxi drivers to remember the order of Seattle streets in the downtown core, kind of from Pioneer Square up to Belltown.  You don't hear it so much now (I'm guessing because everyone has a map in their pocket on their "device."  The streets, south to north are:  Jefferson-->James-->Cherry-->Columbia-->Marion-->Madison-->Spring--> Seneca-->University-->Union-->Pike-->Pine.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

George Etzel Pearcy's 38 states of America

By Jack Brummet, Geography Ed.

Pearcy's original version

In 1973, George Etzel Pearcy, a California State geography professor, proposed that the U.S.  refashion its old state boundaries to reduce the number of states to thirty-eight.  Part of his idea was to distribute larger cities among the states.  The new states would be named after their geological features, or historic events (Cascade, Alamo, Prairie, etc). 
There was a lot of support for this change--except in Washington, D.C.

Rob Lammle, a cartographer, created a more finished version years later, showing how cities would be better distributed in the 38 state system.
Rob Lammle's version