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Monday, December 22, 2008

Artist Brude Elliott follows up naked Sarah Palin painting with nude Rod Blagojevich

Click Governor Palin to enlarge

Brude Elliott with his Governor Palin painting - click to enlarge

Brude Elliott, the Chicago artist who had fifteen minutes of fame following his nude painting of Sarah Palin is about to finish a new painting featuring a naked Rod Blagojevich. Rod's portrait will hang next to the Palin painting (sorry folks...we have been unable to uncover an uncensored version of either painting).

In Palin's painting, the governor wears her alternate swept back 'do, and holds an automatic rifle while standing naked on a bear-skin rug."I don't see how she could be offended by this," Elliott said. "I made her into a sex figure." [ed's note: You might have had a little help, Brude! And truth be told, she's homelier in your painting than in real life. . .your painting of Rod, however, seems flattering. ]

Click Governor Blagojevich to enlarge

Elliott's nude portrait of Blagojevich is nearly complete and will hang on the wall of Elliott's wife's bar, the Old Town Ale House, next to his nude Sarah Palin.

The Chicago artist who drew crowds, and notoriety to his wife's bar with his nude painting has begun referring to the paintings as a series, the "nude governor series."

Blagojevich nude painting Video