Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Poem: Bible Stories 4/The story of a long long journey

The workers abandoned Babylon's tower
When the languages became such a tangled
Mass of confetti that no one understood anyone
And off in Chaldea was another city called Ur
Where the Euphrates and Tigris merge
Abram lived in Ur and Abram was God's boy
He prayed and tried to do right by The Lamplighter
But the people of Ur prayed to wood idols
They thought could hear their prayers
They did not call on God and lived a wicked life
Breaking the ten commandments was sport in Ur
If they weren’t drunk they were high
Fornication abounded and thievery thrived
No one would tell the truth if a lie was handy
They worshipped scat and had sex with the beasts
They killed they maimed and blinded and amnputated
God did not want Abram's family in such a place
For they too might become wicked
And God said
Gather your family Abram and go out from this place
Far far away to a place I will show you
Where your family will become a great people
And I will bless you and make your name great
Do as I command
And the families of earth
Will obtain a blessing through you
After many years and even more begetting Abram's family
Became the Israelites and Abram's family
Would one day bless the world with Jesus
But Abram was still unsure what the blessing would be
And yet he obeyed God and marched off
To an unknown land with his family
His very old father Terah and his wife Sarai
His brother Nahor and his wife and nephew Lot
Abram took his tents flocks of sheep and herds of cattle
On a long journey to a land
Of which he did not even know the name
He journeyed far up the Euphrates
To the mountains and a country called Mesopotamia
Which means between the rivers
At Haran they stopped there because Terah
Was too old to take one more step
And they stayed until Terah passed on
Abram's brother Mahor stayed in Haran
With his family and children and children's children
Abram and Lot turned toward the southwest
And journeyed past the mountains and the great desert
Until they came into the land of Canaan
Of which God had spoken to Abram
This land would become Israel
Abram and his people did not go
Into the towns to live
But lived in tents in open fields
Where they could find grass for their sheep and cattle
Not far from a city called Shechem Abram set up his tent
Under an oak tree on the plain
The Lord came to Abram, and said
I give this land to your children and to their children
And this shall be their land forever

And Abram built an altar and burned an offering
Letting Big Daddy know I'm with you Chief
All the way to the gates of Hell!

And he worshipped the Lord
Wherever Abram set up his tent he built an altar
And prayed to God because Abram was God's boy.

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