Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Seattle the Bangkok of international beast-sex tourism? Feds uncover a new NW sex farm.

By Jack Brummet, All This Is That Social Mores and Ethics Correspondent with additional research by Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor, Illustration by Jack Brummet

 Is Seattle the Bangkok of international beast-sex tourism?  Well, you do have to wonder, with this weeks latest news of British tourists visiting the Seattle area.  Apparently, the sex farm advertised heavily in European and British publications and websites.

International Animal Sex Ring Discovered in Whatcom County

"Federal investigators have uncovered an international sex ring that involves farm animals in Whatcom County.

Agents say people from around the world were invited to stay at the farm near Sumas and abuse the animals.

"This is an extremely bizarre case and very shocking for seasoned law enforcement people," said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.

Elfo says dogs, horses and mice were seized from Spink's property. The mice had their tails cut off, were smothered in Vaseline and had to be euthanized [ed's note: we really appear to be "euthanizing" the wrong parties in this case].

You can read the entire story here, on

As you may or may not know, Pablo Fanque and Jack Brummet have previously (and perversely) covered this topic extensively on All This Is That.  Some links to previous articles and postings:

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