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The Grateful Dead perform Black Throated Wind with Branford Marsalis and Bruce Hornsby

I don't know what the story is with this video...it was obviously shot with just one camera (but they clearly got their audio from the soundboard), focused mainly on Bobby.  The camera never actually shows the drummers, Phil, or Bruce. Hornsby is easy to find in the mix...listen for the Steinway; Vince Welnick was playing the other keys. Branford, unlike, some of his other Dead performances over the years, was very understated on this tune with just his sporadic and most tasty fills.


Alien Lore No. 180 - The Alien Moon Base

"Luna," according to many UFOlogists is an Alien base on the far side of the Moon (e.g., the side we never see).  They say it was filmed by the Apollo Astronauts. They also claim the base is HQ for a massive mining operation using very large machines. According to Milton Cooper, a number of very large alien craft--which he described as "mother ships"--were also there. 

Many researchers, UFOlogists, and nutjobs claim that  both Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after their historic landing on the Moon in in July, 1969.  People claims that one of the astronauts referred to a "light" in a crater during their television transmission.  Mission Control pressed for  further details.   The astronauts did not respond.

According to a former NASA employee, unnamed radio operators with their own VHF receiving facilities  picked up the following exchange:

NASA: What's there?  Mission Control calling Apollo 11...

Apollo11:  These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous!  OH MY GOD! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!

The dark side of the moon -- the alleged location of the Alien Moon Base

In 1979 Maurice Chatelain, a former head of NASA Communications said that  Armstrong had
reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater. "The encounter was common knowledge in NASA," he revealed, "but nobody has talked about it until now."

Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, a physicist and Professor of Mathematics at Moscow University said "Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module.  But his message was never heard by the public," because NASA pulled it.

Another Soviet scientist, Dr.Aleksandr Kazantsev, says he saw color movies of the UFOs taken by Buzz Aldrin from inside Apollo 11.  Buzz continued filming them after he and Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon.  The UFOs departed minutes after the astronauts came out on to the lunar surface.

UFOlogists claims that Apollo 11's radio transmissions were interrupted on several occasions in order to hide the news from the public.  Maurice Chatelain claims that "all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name.  Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence."

Moon Bases?

Another researcher says "I think that Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8 was the first of the astronauts to use the code name 'Santa Claus' to indicate the presence of flying saucers next to space capsules. However, his announcements were barely noticed by the general public. It was a little different when James Lovell  on board the Apollo 8 command module came out from behind the moon and said for everybody to hear: 'PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS.' Even though this happened on Christmas Day 1968, many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words."


One professor asked Neil Armstrong during a university NASA symposium:

Professor: What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11?


Professor: How do you mean "warned off"?

Armstrong: I can't go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology - Boy, were they big!...and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station.

Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?

Armstrong: Naturally - NASA was committed at that time, and couldn't risk panic on Earth.   [He says here also that after Apollo 11, no one lingered on the moon].

Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but gave no details other than admitting that the CIA was behind the cover-up.

Video: The Blues Brothers pull Rawhide out of their back pockets

A great clip from The Blues Brothers movie.


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A Brief Comment And The Full Text Of President Obama's Speech On The 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

By Pablo Fanque
National Affairs Editor

One of the gnarliest problems BHO faces as President is that of rebuilding the city and fortifying New Orleans against another 100 year storm.  Possibly an even more daunting task he faces is how to undo the eroded trust and anger suffered by America's traumatized psyche after eight years of benign neglect and incompetence by the previous administration.

The full text of the President's 26 minute speech follows:


The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release August 29, 2010 Remarks by the President on the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana
Xavier University
New Orleans, Louisiana

1:50 P.M. CDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. It is good to be back. (Applause.) It is good to be back.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: It’s good to have you back!

THE PRESIDENT: I’m glad. (Laughter.) And due to popular demand, I decided to bring the First Lady down here. (Applause.)

We have just an extraordinary number of dedicated public servants who are here. If you will be patient with me, I want to make sure that all of them are acknowledged. First of all, you’ve got the governor of the great state of Louisiana -- Bobby Jindal is here. (Applause.) We have the outstanding mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu. (Applause.) We have the better looking and younger senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu. (Applause.)

I believe that Senator David Vitter is here. David -- right here. (Applause.) We have -- hold on a second now -- we’ve got Congressman Joe Cao is here. (Applause.) Congressman Charlie Melancon is here. (Applause.) Congressman Steve Scalise is here. (Applause.)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who has been working tirelessly down here in Louisiana, Shaun Donovan. (Applause.) We’ve got our EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson here -- homegirl. (Applause.) Administrator of FEMA Craig Fugate is here. (Applause.) The person who’s heading up our community service efforts all across the country -- Patrick Corvington is here. (Applause.) Louisiana’s own Regina Benjamin, the Surgeon General -- (applause) -- a Xavier grad, I might add. (Applause.) We are very proud to have all of these terrific public servants here.

It is wonderful to be back in New Orleans, and it is a great honor --


AUDIENCE MEMBER: We can’t see you!

THE PRESIDENT: It is a great honor -- (laughter) -- you can see me now? (Laughter.) Okay. It is a great honor to be back at Xavier University. (Applause.) And I -- it’s just inspiring to spend time with people who’ve demonstrated what it means to persevere in the face of tragedy; to rebuild in the face of ruin.

I’m grateful to Jade for her introduction, and congratulate you on being crowned Miss Xavier. (Applause.) I hope everybody heard during the introduction she was a junior at Ben Franklin High School five years ago when the storm came. And after Katrina, Ben Franklin High was terribly damaged by wind and water. Millions of dollars were needed to rebuild the school. Many feared it would take years to reopen -- if it could be reopened at all.

But something remarkable happened. Parents, teachers, students, volunteers, they all got to work making repairs. And donations came in from across New Orleans and around the world. And soon, those silent and darkened corridors, they were bright and they were filled with the sounds of young men and women, including Jade, who were going back to class. And then Jade committed to Xavier, a university that likewise refused to succumb to despair. So Jade, like so many students here at this university, embody hope. That sense of hope in difficult times, that's what I came to talk about today.

It’s been five years since Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. There’s no need to dwell on what you experienced and what the world witnessed. We all remember it keenly: water pouring through broken levees; mothers holding their children above the waterline; people stranded on rooftops begging for help; bodies lying in the streets of a great American city. It was a natural disaster but also a manmade catastrophe -- a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men, and women, and children abandoned and alone.

And shortly after the storm, I came down to Houston to spend time with some of the folks who had taken shelter there. And I’ll never forget what one woman told me. She said, “We had nothing before the hurricane. And now we’ve got less than nothing.”

In the years that followed, New Orleans could have remained a symbol of destruction and decay; of a storm that came and the inadequate response that followed. It was not hard to imagine a day when we’d tell our children that a once vibrant and wonderful city had been laid low by indifference and neglect. But that’s not what happened. It’s not what happened at Ben Franklin. It’s not what happened here at Xavier. It’s not what happened across New Orleans and across the Gulf Coast. (Applause.) Instead this city has become a symbol of resilience and of community and of the fundamental responsibility that we have to one another.

And we see that here at Xavier. Less than a month after the storm struck, amidst debris and flood-damaged buildings, President Francis promised that this university would reopen in a matter of months. (Applause.) Some said he was crazy. Some said it couldn’t happen. But they didn’t count on what happens when one force of nature meets another. (Laughter.) And by January -- four months later -- class was in session. Less than a year after the storm, I had the privilege of delivering a commencement address to the largest graduating class in Xavier’s history. That is a symbol of what New Orleans is all about. (Applause.)

We see New Orleans in the efforts of Joycelyn Heintz, who’s here today. Katrina left her house 14 feet underwater. But after volunteers helped her rebuild, she joined AmeriCorps to serve the community herself -- part of a wave of AmeriCorps members who’ve been critical to the rebirth of this city and the rebuilding of this region. (Applause.) So today, she manages a local center for mental health and wellness.

We see the symbol that this city has become in the St. Bernard Project, whose founder Liz McCartney is with us. (Applause.) This endeavor has drawn volunteers from across the country to rebuild hundreds of homes throughout St. Bernard Parish and the Lower Ninth Ward.

I’ve seen the sense of purpose people felt after the storm when I visited Musicians’ Village in the Ninth Ward back in 2006. Volunteers were not only constructing houses; they were coming together to preserve the culture of music and art that’s part of the soul of this city -- and the soul of this country. And today, more than 70 homes are complete, and construction is underway on the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music. (Applause.)

We see the dedication to the community in the efforts of Xavier grad Dr. Regina Benjamin, who mortgaged her home, maxed out her credit cards so she could reopen her Bayou la Batre clinic to care for victims of the storm -- and who is now our nation’s Surgeon General. (Applause.)

And we see resilience and hope exemplified by students at Carver High School, who have helped to raise more than a million dollars to build a new community track and football field -- their “Field of Dreams” -- for the Ninth Ward. (Applause.)

So because of all of you -- all the advocates, all the organizers who are here today, folks standing behind me who’ve worked so hard, who never gave up hope -- you are all leading the way toward a better future for this city with innovative approaches to fight poverty and improve health care, reduce crime, and create opportunities for young people. Because of you, New Orleans is coming back. (Applause.)

And I just came from Parkway Bakery and Tavern. (Applause.) Five years ago, the storm nearly destroyed that neighborhood institution. I saw the pictures. Now they’re open, business is booming, and that’s some good eats. (Laughter.) I had the shrimp po’boy and some of the gumbo. (Applause.) But I skipped the bread pudding because I thought I might fall asleep while I was speaking. (Laughter.) But I’ve got it saved for later. (Laughter.)

Five years ago, many questioned whether people could ever return to this city. Today, New Orleans is one of the fastest growing cities in America, with a big new surge in small businesses. Five years ago, the Saints had to play every game on the road because of the damage to the Superdome. Two weeks ago, we welcomed the Saints to the White House as Super Bowl champions. (Applause.) There was also food associated with that. (Laughter.) We marked the occasion with a 30-foot po’boy made with shrimps and oysters from the Gulf. (Applause.) And you’ll be pleased to know there were no leftovers. (Laughter.)

Now, I don’t have to tell you that there are still too many vacant and overgrown lots. There are still too many students attending classes in trailers. There are still too many people unable to find work. And there are still too many New Orleanians, folks who haven’t been able to come home. So while an incredible amount of progress has been made, on this fifth anniversary, I wanted to come here and tell the people of this city directly: My administration is going to stand with you -- and fight alongside you -- until the job is done. (Applause.) Until New Orleans is all the way back, all the way. (Applause.)

When I took office, I directed my Cabinet to redouble our efforts, to put an end to the turf wars between agencies, to cut the red tape and cut the bureaucracy. (Applause.) I wanted to make sure that the federal government was a partner -- not an obstacle -- to recovery here in the Gulf Coast. And members of my Cabinet -- including EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, who grew up in Pontchartrain Park -- (applause) -- they have come down here dozens of times. Shaun Donovan has come down here dozens of times. This is not just to make appearances. It’s not just to get photo ops. They came down here to listen and to learn and make real the changes that were necessary so that government was actually working for you.

So for example, efforts to rebuild schools and hospitals, to repair damaged roads and bridges, to get people back to their homes -- they were tied up for years in a tangle of disagreements and byzantine rules. So when I took office, working with your outstanding delegation, particularly Senator Mary Landrieu, we put in place a new way of resolving disputes. (Applause.) We put in place a new way of resolving disputes so that funds set aside for rebuilding efforts actually went toward rebuilding efforts. And as a result, more than 170 projects are getting underway -- work on firehouses, and police stations, and roads, and sewer systems, and health clinics, and libraries, and universities.

We’re tackling the corruption and inefficiency that has long plagued the New Orleans Housing Authority. We’re helping homeowners rebuild and making it easier for renters to find affordable options. And we’re helping people to move out of temporary homes. You know, when I took office, more than three years after the storm, tens of thousands of families were still stuck in disaster housing -- many still living in small trailers that had been provided by FEMA. We were spending huge sums of money on temporary shelters when we knew it would be better for families, and less costly for taxpayers, to help people get into affordable, stable, and more permanent housing. So we’ve helped make it possible for people to find those homes, and we’ve dramatically reduced the number of families in emergency housing.

On the health care front, as a candidate for President, I pledged to make sure we were helping New Orleans recruit doctors and nurses, and rebuild medical facilities -- including a new veterans hospital. (Applause.) Well, we have resolved a long-standing dispute -- one that had tied up hundreds of millions of dollars -- to fund the replacement for Charity Hospital. And in June, Veterans Secretary Ric Shinseki came to New Orleans for the groundbreaking of that new VA hospital.

In education, we’ve made strides as well. As you know, schools in New Orleans were falling behind long before Katrina. But in the years since the storm, a lot of public schools opened themselves up to innovation and to reform. And as a result, we’re actually seeing rising achievement, and New Orleans is becoming a model of innovation for the nation. This is yet another sign that you’re not just rebuilding -- you’re rebuilding stronger than before. Just this Friday, my administration announced a final agreement on $1.8 billion dollars for Orleans Parish schools. (Applause.) This is money that had been locked up for years, but now it’s freed up so folks here can determine best how to restore the school system.

And in a city that’s known too much violence, that’s seen too many young people lost to drugs and criminal activity, we’ve got a Justice Department that's committed to working with New Orleans to fight the scourge of violent crime, and to weed out corruption in the police force, and to ensure the criminal justice system works for everyone in this city. (Applause.) And I want everybody to hear -- to know and to hear me thank Mitch Landrieu, your new mayor, for his commitment to that partnership. (Applause.)

Now, even as we continue our recovery efforts, we’re also focusing on preparing for future threats so that there is never another disaster like Katrina. The largest civil works project in American history is underway to build a fortified levee system. And as I -- just as I pledged as a candidate, we’re going to finish this system by next year so that this city is protected against a 100-year storm. We should not be playing Russian roulette every hurricane season. (Applause.) And we’re also working to restore protective wetlands and natural barriers that were not only damaged by Katrina -- were not just damaged by Katrina but had been rapidly disappearing for decades.

In Washington, we are restoring competence and accountability. I am proud that my FEMA Director, Craig Fugate, has 25 years of experience in disaster management in Florida. (Applause.) He came from Florida, a state that has known its share of hurricanes. We’ve put together a group led by Secretary Donovan and Secretary Napolitano to look at disaster recovery across the country. We’re improving coordination on the ground, and modernizing emergency communications, helping families plan for a crisis. And we’re putting in place reforms so that never again in America is somebody left behind in a disaster because they’re living with a disability or because they’re elderly or because they’re infirmed. That will not happen again. (Applause.)

Finally, even as you’ve been buffeted by Katrina and Rita, even as you’ve been impacted by the broader recession that has devastated communities across the country, in recent months the Gulf Coast has seen new hardship as a result of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. And just as we’ve sought to ensure that we are doing what it takes to recover from Katrina, my administration has worked hard to match our efforts on the spill to what you need on the ground. And we’ve been in close consultation with your governor, your mayors, your parish presidents, your local government officials.

And from the start, I promised you two things. One is that we would see to it that the leak was stopped. And it has been. The second promise I made was that we would stick with our efforts, and stay on BP, until the damage to the Gulf and to the lives of the people in this region was reversed. And this, too, is a promise that we will keep. We are not going to forget. We’re going to stay on it until this area is fully recovered. (Applause.)

That’s why we rapidly launched the largest response to an environmental disaster in American history -- 47,000 people on the ground, 5,700 vessels on the water -- to contain and clean up the oil. When BP was not moving fast enough on claims, we told BP to set aside $20 billion in a fund -- managed by an independent third party -- to help all those whose lives have been turned upside down by the spill.

And we will continue to rely on sound science, carefully monitoring waters and coastlines as well as the health of the people along the Gulf, to deal with any long-term effects of the oil spill. We are going to stand with you until the oil is cleaned up, until the environment is restored, until polluters are held accountable, until communities are made whole, and until this region is all the way back on its feet. (Applause.)

So that’s how we’re helping this city, and this state, and this region to recover from the worst natural disaster in our nation’s history. We’re cutting through the red tape that has impeded rebuilding efforts for years. We’re making government work better and smarter, in coordination with one of the most expansive non-profit efforts in American history. We’re helping state and local leaders to address serious problems that had been neglected for decades -- problems that existed before the storm came, and have continued after the waters receded -- from the levee system to the justice system, from the health care system to the education system.

And together, we are helping to make New Orleans a place that stands for what we can do in America -- not just for what we can’t do. Ultimately, that must be the legacy of Katrina: not one of neglect, but of action; not one of indifference, but of empathy; not of abandonment, but of a community working together to meet shared challenges. (Applause.)

The truth is, there are some wounds that have not yet healed. And there are some losses that can’t be repaid. And for many who lived through those harrowing days five years ago, there’s searing memories that time may not erase. But even amid so much tragedy, we saw stirrings of a brighter day. Five years ago we saw men and women risking their own safety to save strangers. We saw nurses staying behind to care for the sick and the injured. We saw families coming home to clean up and rebuild -- not just their own homes, but their neighbors’ homes, as well. And we saw music and Mardi Gras and the vibrancy, the fun of this town undiminished. And we’ve seen many return to their beloved city with a newfound sense of appreciation and obligation to this community.

And when I came here four years ago, one thing I found striking was all the greenery that had begun to come back. And I was reminded of a passage from the book of Job. “There is hope for a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again, and that its tender branch will not cease.” The work ahead will not be easy, and there will be setbacks. There will be challenges along the way. But thanks to you, thanks to the great people of this great city, New Orleans is blossoming again.

Thank you, everybody. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America. (Applause.)

END 2:16 P.M. CDT

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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Red Dawn: The Gathering Storm of The Tea Party

By Pablo Fanque
National Affairs Editor

The Democratic Party posted this fascinating web ad yesterday. 

We've been saying this for a while--while the left and center seem to laugh them off, the tea party, Michelle Bachman, Dr. Paul, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, and the others ARE a threat.

It's a new dawn.  And it's kind of like a Red Dawn.

The Ink Spots: If I Didn't Care

These guys made a lot of incredible music in the 30's and 40's, and heavily influenced R & B, Doo Wop, and Rock and Roll.  I have really been enjoying their music these days.


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Siler Cusab (or, A Stitch In Time)

Lacelo cogie kas daliras hulah, ranales naroke senac itelesog. Tike loy eyi sibip poreyi usat, riemi ehut vomo. Ni tolemer tece tete urenet asebetes esiyir ralemo somofir lodu, hadohel biep ce lemerud cetas satab le enokedi caruna. Tadepe siceg bas ne nemacat renipi tahep emipeha rilupi! Mecem yusir sede rieneta. Etog nalayov rupeyu amicoh? Cor abasola su reh sinite awetaril urecano olanela? Ituroci rofa tamigun be ca malecer ditate he ceru? Nusiyac apigeced niebayed ifeg sibe ne oyeco rebinoy set. Tipa egiedad sulehe enaciegol enalato yana itoti ritit umebison elanocet. Tug ehoxina cisefil mucano itatu gel yoc nite. Umahed wacas tanuwi omapi hasixo wedak bun? Tiseyes narix loca tosut enehal yociga ho efacip wen. Ayied rod ehetado widete ti? Hadielap sa rirat, tiheyo amiehamut iteca cem fisudus micadit! Ni tinog cenie ipeleri: Risir lofu enar le epam ahanar nirigag. Padie oteteca hega der pes origag ner. Bacusip nirener yece epidaqa yenonus onet.

Cur riedap so efapeg titocet. Etoba tiere tirep tatar ludasu era cepon acawap cenurat sor. Qie mole amip. Sitele niyaga nukoti goc inefipot reci rihip lutob hinil lilemad? Tano gasa hatesob tine sevelan doyacah minev; acalog etiene titi lidelu bato di lorisa ked epetin? La he litis can de osap sehot hu eletienie. Sesete neroros sarinas! Kinema gie resoto acoyi ahosi tosa loni. Liyere tieseyu bun levie cabilie nienibe watep co dicati atisiebin. Welede uda ye re datohuw miropet tali nucieb atepiha for. Omuna uho areru. Ce ciyet nibene nogenef tuni acinevo enoriv tiyires. Miev mamow cegatier re fof teciba tarepe mi re xat! Beno neraba ridem raboyi siwiesa romi te? Dipito ro sol tiena witu riesic; begima selil sopehi jotor miro mies nu ganeyar.

Hili muyese te; gemu lilenat ote popo iefeg motes! Porori wabe mor bamon tete sietase sin hasitep ho! Etin narep alu yagotes; ter lirete ilenar upe ligepa ote der ma. Gemada cimimos lopon vu titieri yic itelufan! Iraticen lavat neleto fitom nec qunal hinede oyugipof latanat won.

Ruler risu len itewa xufuluc cel. Sekipaf ritet rim ger du. Eqager ivi ye ron desonup cobebor ranopas! Acepan oyirosom ropite! Po ni amate oyociloc yoh; icibu la erocice erun beliras gir hera inicen canide ahiegaci. Cateqe ro tilan! Idierox ri cayadef nimig eqeso na ho irirah arali tomere. Asemih cefu hokod has? Tud deru sat terac no rep disol sanepa ezabot! Ihes reruli li tek ga tili tacid; tieda yute lenesip nis ro sin lona nore di enupe. Tey tel lamoren caji ananeso rumoser ose sihah. Ugetine ipi baroba sacoca dekuse terozig! Tim tub biwup hoh pinoha. Nore big kesiep neseb. Raregi nif napuse tesir cirana cele pofos lot. Aronayul atetur levudo ne sidaper; parati abiv recafac mar safin siref tikem yago; sisi yo teyiriem cedalus wot ta. Remies vona apipalu lop? Fin tep ifalihie lane mina. Peluhar yobo pa opetemol vacati ranal etepotoy? Tam nunoxo didab akem yoda gam.

Palera tosu ninoras de hulufo net furet ci puyaha sep. Hihuya ceru recasah sot ba. Cum simitec qeroce vey lat aderu ada mec iriterat maso: Cagaci duh ra ina dal awosasir beluf rel ilip! Yenipa ecel osevat gica tog osulilien cal. Qihe eberoric egarul rusav enar gil? Liepat toc home lor riero yulo beni eto. Omoholay iworin nu tid cina vogi tara! Inor cietu ralofin netaba dime seg taser riyetot. Beme afeneci pedete ciha: Porahay ta heyolo isiy cedu iyuravo! Soka oronini ihisom daso qedep oyielatej mes genoh ce etedilun: Lereyo ori nodeb notis, le sel reroged egac rikamer lelati.

Le buniv pini epicec noyen tiesefuc nuzanib. Tonen timimi erir mie cerale jietif ti ete lar, tig rasiepa iticel fe ci ahe ide mete depule onece? Etaborien retirir lede onoli: Nit segetum la yu nohi. Gir tamudo elec yeti. Ipape hoti todenet ditacot itav osetiw ra te. Iterado gahe gu cipin eretecuy maso oru! Tu sanicoc tahi otop cacav sok cag. Pe ri hec elolano giram ciyera mamo; hapil edoninu yigite sare maro tera. Afiece cumi epapete hap ranic etun uhey toteneh nosusi? Eneresob mu yop akocete pi vip leli enape. Hoca non gubasul betusi xaha roya. Det reme ni cese epumie: Redeh ros rigek pamiser. Banal idubaded nucunis diese detir gic orabaril iciha serat: Urolab pe imanugi dikedet. Sari epe fot zadero ehinadu da nitef udu lihaner. Daqada rocu subupi, dodoler tot riw ifelerev mito inakit dice yise, enotasid pixe pietieyo. Loh ner lal rar fariemo. Retecac nefa edo ogi nu no. Ilarome simises nal fiebec pad pun. Cumu ronel tip nite. Teg ra satecan enivara nisep remalor eta ruqaris. Wohiefa va osorak runa figopo.

Itepiror sono tarie noyomab lotaf meb rese. Peseral mesi ti tonezas isodole ulidefier nogit tec nago. Nenes ebetiton fitev acerona neletos derit tierucal: Tohi dage ebamipil emoge ti! Bepu yeside li. Rot tan osicare elic tegotet elet heco lacaya iburiret tupimo. Isefer erefote lihenic.

Qoce laci cosanie dah sieled tug taluhu per. Rafem yaloxas torewi rirapa ra dihele atiyucop ruran, baril daciel tara. Ile isipurig god one secu. Nene todulem wetapi ayanil gipusag lisac tapic ayog liru ratay! Rur sit henater sunebat ririma casom lun piciesos. Bu webic ripaga roc.

Pinere kalole bietowuc emere enelar eciel nu tebo le? Docup cubinot nemarot cen erof huyir. To nogura iteteg miro lop zipuce meho, ocute natu aredebey osa ojuhatec pitape so tovad. Sutelir ehapir luher ire niv ronutum nabeco lopi fabanie nasena. Qon ogehokel mele de rilob! Licages sepo nevo rener ma sonie. Apocih enagusir acolod hos xe asimara adener. Betanen iemij tog tolep.

Wuci sane dori webiyas ayurep foy anieyeb. Xar firesim sib orucote pe re apenulo. Xeb towohe to gobo pi pilem lico tocomal pet ihegagis. Aric yuritor domucet na talot nepeh. Canirat sasidu ro itasiet le lipure gerora tutemab tocoses, esehapo yoriro pota. Rohie omimec telir nigipa vi xixil osor sivesid yit tasu. Coc wesiey pu, nitilap tesohof otamo tel tah le xocure iyov eloriti ituyebih. Otoses ificene eyusor yi gohito opurorel yonuniy di ta eyerire! Asarenel le luhab? Gimu lisot sopo set cus nid. Onie ratapi naseros egek nutume riva, minel abapidim resega ifel ruripu hota ilitos somotat. Lega tienilun goc geneh nemiri igecisan. Bogedap efoditie nasove oricuda lupama toti. Nicecel ma acetixih teda unadec? Esesitum ne girona riciy for hi omomahar.

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Alien Lore No. 179 - UFOs over Seattle this summer

This summer, there seem to have been numerous UFOs visiting the City of Seattle.  The following were all reported by The National UFO Reporting Center (which coincidentally is located in Seattle, although soon relocating to an abandoned ICBM missile base in Eastern Washington).   [click all images to enlarge]

Report 1:  July 2010.  "This is the most awe-inspiring moment of my life and I was somewhat sad to see them leave. I really felt like I had seen something extraordinary.

"Looking in the sky to the west to slight northwest on Saturday night at 23:15, I saw about 30 orb-type lights or balls in the sky at about 90 degrees in a pattern that gave off a glow in the night sky.

"The glow was orange and red, but the formation gave off a red orange and a little twinkling, gold color. We watched it for about 6 minutes, then it seemed as half of the formation disappeared, not all at once, but within a second or two.

"Then the other part of the formation left or became invisible, leaving behind two balls that seemed larger or closer. These two orbs remained stationary for about 5 seconds before one of the two took off straight up.

"Then about 7 seconds after the first of the remaining two orbs left, the last one left or followed the rest into the night sky.

"The formation of the UFOs took up a large portion of the sky and seemed massive."  Source: http://www.nuforc.org/

Report 2:   07-17-10, City of Seattle - "The formation/armada was huge. I was looking at stars with my dad over Puget Sound when I looked west and saw 28-30 reddish, orange orbs stationary in the sky.

"These were not florescent lights like we use on earth, it was more like a different type of light, an energy ball that had a golden tint around the formation of UFOs.

"I felt that there was a tremendous amount of radiant energy coming off of the sun-like orbs. The armada/formation of UFOs was only here for approximately 10 minutes before they vanished into thin air, like smoke." Source: www.nuforc.org

Report 3:  7-17-10, City of Seattle - "At approximately 23:28 PM, PST, in Seattle, Washington, my wife and I received a phone call from her parents (who live 1 block away), about some interesting lights in the sky over Beacon Hill (also in Seattle).

"We were told to immediately come outside and look towards the sky (due west) and see them for ourselves.

"We then saw 25+ orange-lighted objects which appeared to blink in and out as they dimmed in the upper atmosphere. They all appeared to be moving in the same direction (towards the northeast) and all seemed to stem from the same location.

"They were only visible for about 3-5 minutes. Three airplanes were seen in the sky as well (heading to SeaTac Airport to land).

"We took video on our camera, but only a couple of the objects were barely visible through the street lights. You could see the airplane clearly. Unless something is reported on our local news media stations, we are assuming that these were indeed UFOs, and a lot of them.

"We also called the local news stations to report the incident, and they informed us that they had not received any other calls about it, but would look into it."  Source: www.nuforc.org

Report 4: 7-17-10 - "My daughter and I were outside, and this object went above us heading straight due north. It was a light, silver-colored disc with a bottom that was about half the size of the craft.

"The half-round bottom looked as though it may have been translucent, its color was grayish and slightly opalescent.

"When the craft passed over what was probably SeaTac Airport, it became very, very bright and looked like a star. But only roughly 6-7 seconds later, it dimmed again and we could still see its disc/orb outline.

"We watched it as far as our eyes would allow. My daughter mentioned the uncanny lack of air traffic as this object moved over the airport area.

"About two minutes after we could no longer see it, we saw a plane come from the airport area. We did not observe the object come from the South - it seemed to just appear in the sky out of nowhere. It was east of us when looking north."  Source: www.nuforc.org

Ammo, in case of Civil Unrest

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Barack Obama An Intentional One Term President?

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

We've written about this before here. . .In his first year and a half in office, BHO took on a lot of difficult tasks, and succeeded at many of them.  Notably, while in the middle of pushing for financial reforms and trying to prop up a faltering economy, he tackled health care reform.  He has taken on a number of other reforms.  He has already in his first two years, successfully seated two nominees on the Supreme Court.  George W. Bush also placed two nominees--in eight years.  On the other hand, President Bush also failed in one nomination--the disastrous and almost laughable nomination of his White House Counsel Harriet Miers.  Bill Clinton also placed two people on The Supremes.  BHO has also taken on some almost pointless issues, like bringing his old professor and a cop to the White House for a mediation over beers on the lawn.  Or, when he recently spoke out about the proposed Muslim center in downtown Manhattan (about which he was absolutely right, but had nothing to gain) which is unlikely to ever be built, since they only have a few thousand dollars in the bank.  He has nothing to gain, and is unlikely to really even influence people on these sorts of wedge issues.

Almost out of the gate, President Obama seemed to act as if a second term didn't really matter.  The U.K.'s Telegraph had an interesting article this weekend, "Does Barack Obama want to be re-elected in 2012?" While I doubt the veracity and analysis of a British 'paper analyzing the U.S. Presidency, they have a point. 

Almost everything Obama does these days suggests that he doesn't care much about being re-elected. He may want to be re-elected, but it feels like he isn't really sweating it one way or the other.  Strange as it might seem, perhaps he wants to be a one-term president. And, let's face it, in an eight year term as President, you spend at least three of those years either running for re-election or functioning as either a virtual--or real!--lame duck. 

Of course he will run for re-election (unless something really weird happens).  But as popular as he still is, I often feel that he will not be re-elected.  It's a foolish move, but I suspect the electorate will want to roll back and elect a republican to office.  Like many of you, I fervently hope that that Republican will not be Ex-Governor Sarah Palin...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ben Lee performs Catch My Disease live at an awards show

Ben Lee performs his great tune Catch My Disease live. This tune is also the theme song of the great radio show and podcast [imaginary radio show] TBTL by Luke Burbank...


Friday, August 20, 2010

Alien Lore No. 178 -- Was Disney Onto Something Here? Does Disney Believe?

By Jack Brummet
Paranormal and Alien Lore Editor

"Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history – actual contact with intelligent life from other planets. For nearly 50 years, officials have been documenting routine alien encounters here on earth, and thousands of people have seen or experienced this alien presence. Yet many others still refuse to acknowledge the obvious evidence all around them. From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community."

-- Walt Disney Television special on aliens and UFOs titled Alien Encounters

Check out the entire Disney video/program here. 
Walt Disney Television televised a most pretty cool one-hour special on UFOs in 1995, titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland. This special discusses UFOs and alien visitation to earth not as some sort of fruitcake alien lore story, but as a fact. You can't buy it, but someone did record it on their VCR back in the day.  It's fascinating.

At first glance, this show focuses on a New Tomorrowland ride that was about to be unveiled at Disney World.  The program opens with an, in retrospect, strange, segment by Disney CEO Michael Eisner.
But this story is partisan. At no time do they even question the existence of UFOs or a major UFO cover-up. In face, the show almost seems to pity the D.A.s among us who doubt UFOs, or Visitors.
Excerpts from a transcript of the program:
Robert Urich [Intro sequence over various UFO photos and film]: This is not swamp gas. It is not a flock of birds. This is an actual spacecraft from another world, piloted by alien intelligence – one sighting from tens of thousands made over the last fifty years on virtually every continent on the globe. Intelligent life from distant galaxies is now attempting to make open contact with the human race. And tonight, we'll show you the evidence.
Disney CEO Michael Eisner [standing in front of what looks like a military hangar, guarded by armed troops]: Tonight we celebrate the New Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World in Florida with a television special that's out of this world. Hello, I'm Michael Eisner, head of the Walt Disney Company.

At a top secret military installation somewhere in the United States, there are those who believe that the government is hiding the remains of an alien spacecraft that mysteriously crashed to earth. With more and more scientific evidence of alien encounters and UFO sightings, the idea of creatures from another planet might not be as far-fetched as we once thought. In fact, one of you out there could have the next alien encounter. Enjoy tonight's special. I'm going to walk over and see if I can sneak a peak. [soldiers raise weapons] Maybe not!

Robert Urich: Scientific verification of extraterrestrial life forms routinely arriving on earth; top secret reports from ongoing military investigations; compelling home videos of alien craft captured within the last few months; world figures who have gone public with their own extraterrestrial experiences; the shocking history of government misinformation programs designed to prevent widespread panic; and personal accounts of those who have been abducted and studied against their will.

From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community. It's an invitation which is both wondrous and terrifying. This is the nature of alien encounters.

Mankind has the unique ability to ignore the obvious, especially when the facts reveal a disturbing truth. We once believed the sun revolved around the Earth. When Galileo demonstrated the reverse is true in 1634, he was charged with heresy and placed under house arrest for the last eight years of his life. The charges were later dropped – 342 years later.

Now as we approach the new millennium, mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history – actual contact with intelligent life from other planets. For nearly 50 years, officials have been documenting routine alien encounters here on earth, and thousands of people have seen or experienced this alien presence.

Yet many others still refuse to acknowledge the obvious evidence all around them. What is it like to be confronted by a creature whose intelligence and skill is far beyond the comprehension of mankind? Would it be enlightening? Would it be an exercise in terror? Or perhaps both?

Here in the New Tomorrowland at the Walt Disney World resort near Orlando, Florida, these concepts are brought to life as guests experience their own alien encounter, a sensory thriller from Disney and George Lukas. We'll give you a sneak preview later in the show. But first, we must prepare you for the future with some shocking insights from the recent past.

Alien ships seem to arrive in waves, and if the last few years are any indication, planet Earth is experiencing a tsunami of sightings. For the last few months of 1994 and lately in 1995, Gulf Breeze, Florida has been ground zero for alien encounters. Especially during the day, extraterrestrial craft have become common ornaments in the uneasy skies. You would think these alien sightings would be front-page news. So why have they received almost no national attention? The answer is simple. For governments determined to maintain their authority, extraterrestrial contact is pure dynamite.

Capt. Kevin Randle (retired air force intelligence officer): There's beings from another planet. We don't know where they come from. We don't know what they're doing here. There's nothing we can do about it. Any time a technologically superior civilization comes in contact with a technologically inferior civilization, the technologically inferior civilization ceases to exist – not necessarily through conquest, not necessarily through invasion, but because the technology changes the underlying social structures of that civilization, and it disintegrates.

Urich: Those fears are reflected in a 1960 federally funded study by the Brookings Institution, which warned that public knowledge of alien life could cause civilization to collapse.

Why have aliens chosen to visit our small blue planet, hidden on the distant fringes of an insignificant star cluster? Well, we invited them here.

There have been reports of alien encounters throughout recorded history. But since the end of World War II, alien encounters have adopted a darker, more menacing demeanor. No longer just spirited lights dancing in the sky, UFOs turned more brazen, announcing themselves with surprising ferocity.

Most alien activity on earth in this century seems to have been sparked by the single most profound technological achievement in human history. The atomic bomb did more than blow away every conventional notion of combat. It also saddled mankind with the awesome responsibility of life and death for the entire planet.

But what the world didn't know in 1945 was that the atomic bomb's brilliant burst of energy would also be mankind's cosmic calling card, announcing to the universe that a technological society had evolved on a small blue planet in the backwaters of the stars. So as the world celebrated the war's end in 1945, aliens who heard man's atomic trumpet were already charting their course toward earth, responding to our open invitation.

As early as 1947, the large alien ships began to arrive, navigated by living creatures. Their advanced physics allowed them to traverse the galaxy and pierce earth's atmosphere with amazing speed. The U.S. military immediately went on the alert against the unknown menace. Sightings were perceived as threats to the security of an America still reeling from the edgy consciousness of war. And the sightings were taking place all across the country.
More than one alien craft crashed and was recovered for secret U.S. military research. The most famous case took place in July of 1947 just outside the community of Roswell, New Mexico – famous, because local officials openly admitted they had retrieved an alien ship before their commanders instructed them to keep the story confidential. What you can't explain, they reasoned, you must deny.

This is the actual site where the Roswell saucer was discovered, along with the bodies of three extraterrestrial missionaries who didn't survive the collision. The debris and the dead were impounded and taken away for top secret study, while a classified investigative committee called the Majestic Twelve was organized by President Truman, and a government cover-up was initiated with a calculated disinformation campaign.

But while the Pentagon refused to publicly admit aliens had arrived on earth, their top secret internal memos told a different story, even detailing the various ships and the creatures they had autopsied.

By the early 1960s, UFOs were having a chilling effect on our defense operations. Their tremendous speed often caused them to be misidentified as incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles, putting American air bases on red alert. There needed to be some way for the U.S. and the Soviets to distinguish between nuclear attack and alien visitors.

Clifford Stone [retired army officer]: The Hot Line between Moscow and Washington was set up so that they could go ahead and make last-minute pleas, that "We're not attacking you, and you're not attacking us." The purpose of this was to insure that a nuclear war would not be touched off by a UFO appearing on the scopes and being mistaken for enemy aircraft.

Urich: The Hot Line eased some international tensions, but it didn't halt the interaction between the military and the aliens, which continues to this day.

Stone: [In] November of 1975, essentially every SAC [Strategic Air Command] base in the United States was visited by UFOs. We have reason to believe that the UFOs went ahead and had some effect on changing the codes within the missiles, within the launch control facility, to change where the missiles would hit.

1976, September, Iran, two F-4s try to intercept a UFO and shoot at one of the UFOs. The weapons systems of the planes go dead, the communications systems go dead. These are just two examples of cases which sound like they came out of science fiction, but in reality, they're from government documentation, documents released by the State Department.

Urich: Indications are that government, military and scientific leaders will soon release nearly a half-century of official documentation of ongoing alien encounters on earth. Perhaps they feel it would be too embarrassing not to reveal the truth, before the truth reveals itself. But these FBI files acquired through the Freedom of Information Act outline nearly fifty years of UFO reports investigated by federal agents all across America, overwhelming evidence that something sinister is at work.

This particular report from October of 1969 was filled out by Jimmy Carter. He was still Governor of Georgia at the time he witnessed a luminous object suspended in the twilight sky. Later, when he assumed the office of President of the United States, his staff attempted to explore the availability of official investigations into alien contact. As this internal government memo illustrates, there are some security secrets outside the jurisdiction of the White House.

Planet earth has always been a laboratory for alien life forms which can drop in from space or slowly mutate into bizarre fleshy organisms at our feet [holding a large mushroom]. Understanding the nature of these strange creatures from above, and below, is the greatest challenge of our age. We now know that our future, indeed the future of earth itself, rests in the balance of the solid and the ethereal, of common sense and the irrational, in our relationship with alien life as grotesque as a fungus, or as glorious as the heavens.

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Drawing: Panels [Open-minded; the bolt of love; abduction!; The Jury; Here Fido!; Lean On Me; Sex; The King; Mob; A Shout In The Wilderness; The Boss; The Look Of Love; Isolation; The Huddle; Happy; Drunk]

Drawing by Jack Brummet - Open-minded; the bolt of love; abduction!; The Jury; Here Fido!; Lean On Me; Sex; The King; Mob; A Shout In The Wilderness;  The Boss; The Look Of Love; Isolation; The Huddle; Happy; Drunk. [click to enlarge]


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Notes on the trial and "conviction" of Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich

By Jack Brummet
Ethics and Social Mores Editor

What to do when you're facing dozens of charges of criminal corruption (including racketeering, conspiracy, and wire fraud)?  Well, you might appear on a reality TV show like The Apprentice.  Blagojevich was fired by Donald Trump after mismanaging a project (due to his inability to communicate...he cannot use a computer or send text messages, which left his team in the dark).  When reality TV didn't work out, he would make numerous appearances as an Elvis impersonator.  

Voir dire - Everyone seems to be wondering if the attorneys for the prosecution fell down during Voir dire"In the United States, it now generally refers to the process by which prospective jurors are questioned about their backgrounds and potential biases before being chosen to sit on a jury." [Wikipedia].  The holdout juror doesn't appear to be a nutcase or fruitcake. . .she seems to have honestly believed that the government had not proved its case except the one count of lying to the FBI.  She would have easily slipped through the voir dire process.  It happens.  It's why we require unanimous verdicts. . .a little insurance for the possibility of reasonable doubt.  Clearly the government will reprosecute this one, perhaps with a less complicated case, and becoming a little more serious about jury selection.

It is Chicago, so some of us wonder if the fix was in with the hold-out jury member?  Or was she mobbed up?  Again, on the surface, she seems legit.  She simply didn't buy the government's case.  And it does look like the prosecution may have cut some corners due to overconfidence in their case. Who can really blame them--he was practically caught with his hand wedged in the cookie jar.

If you're Rod Blagojevich, after you are convicted on one count, and the prosecution announces it's intention to refile on the other 23 cases where the jury hung. . .what then?  Well, The Ex-Gov has mounted a bizarre counterstrike in the media. 

Blagojevich appears to be broke again, and is pondering a return to reality TV as he awaits The Blago Corruption Trial:  The Sequel.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slate's Excellent Mock Ad: Levi Johnston for Mayor

By Pablo Fanque
National Affairs Editor

This mock ad for Levi Johnston's mayoral campaign is just great.  Slate's slogan is even better:  "Levi Johnston: Building A Bridge To Somewhere."


Seattle Black Panthers, armed on the Capitol Steps circa 1969

[click to enlarge photograph - courtesy of the Wash. State Digital Archives]

In this photo (courtesy of the Washington State Digital Archives), you see armed members of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party on the steps of the Legislative Building.

The Seattle Black Panthers, led by Elmer Dixon gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia in February 1969 to protest a bill that would make it a crime to exhibit firearms “in a manner manifesting an intent to intimidate others.”

No one was arrested, apparently there were no confrontations, and they left under their own power when they were finished. It kind of makes you wonder what would happen if someone did this today, forty years later. I get the feeling it might not have turned out so well. . .I mean, you can hardly even build a mosque these days. . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Interesting: who's channeling whom?

My friend Hira found this on the wall of an examining room at Yale (she's in medical school, becoming a PA).  She had seen it numerous times, but one day realized the characters resembled the ones in my (Jack's) faces drawings series...the faces all similar to mind, and done in the same sort of format--squares on a grid, with each portrait a shoulders-up head shot.  It is a little eerie, but easily explainable when two people who like to draw, but being unschooled, use an approach more closely rooted in comics and folk art than in the studio portrait tradition.  It will look like this (artist unknown--click to enlarge):

Or this: 

(jack brummet drawing - click to enlarge)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not a proportional response: Tila Tequila driven offstage at Insane Clown Posse festival & pelted with feces, water bottles, and fireworks

By Jack Brummet
Ethics and Social Mores Editor

At a festival this weekend (the annual Gathering of the Juggalos), organized by Insane Clown Posse,  ICP made the apparent mistake of booking Tila Tequila.   Ms. Tequila was pelted with rocks, various pieces of garbage and cascades of human excrement while fans badgered her to take her top off (and when she finally did, the barrage only increased in frequency and vehemence).  The hecklers/assailants used nearby Port-a-potties as a source of ammo.

Tequila ended her performance quickly and ahead of schedule.  A witness told CNN:  "the crowd of about 2,000 was immediately angry toward Tequila and she was unable to turn them around.  She was taunting them,” he said. “She didn’t know how to handle them. She didn’t understand the dynamic.  She took her top off and they got really violent,” he said.

Ms. Tequila tweeted this weekend that she would be suing the organizers (e.g., Insane Clown Posse) for everything she can get her hands on. 

This was not a proportional response to either her cheesy reality show persona, or her undoubtedly bad singing and rapping.  For more information on proportional responses, read this.