Thursday, July 04, 2013

Alien Lore No. 250 - Photographic evidence of UFOs preceding the 1947 Roswell and Mount Rainier UFO sightings

By Jack Brummet, Alien Lore Ed.

The most interesting information about these photos is that they were all photographed many years before The Roswell Incident, or the Mt. Rainier UFO sightings of 1947—both of which catapulted UFOs into the popular imagination.

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This photo was taken in 1870 at Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. The photo has been called "the oldest UFO photograph ever taken." This image was the subject of spirited bidding on E-bay in 2002 and was purchased by Samuel M. Sherman, the President of Independent-International Pictures Corp.

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This image was shot in 1927 at Cave Junction, Oregon. The picture was reportedly snapped by a volunteer fireman. Click on to see full size image to really appreciate the picture.

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In 1929 at SlideWard, Colorado, a photographer captured this alleged UFO photograph. According to Hetty Pline, the photographer's daughter "This photo was taken by my father Edward Pline at the sawmill in Ward where we lived at the time, I think it was 1929. I was about six years old then. My father was there to photograph the sawmill for some reason or another, and as he was taking the photo, he described a "terrible thunderous bellow," and a large round thing as big as a very large boulder that moved through the air above them. You can see it in the picture. None of the sawmill workers saw the thing in the photo, but they all heard the sound and felt the ground shudder. Later in my life I tried researching the incident at the County Historical Society, but I did not find any references to it. My father passed on a few years after the incident, and I have not found any surving sawmill workers from that time. "

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In this image, the alarm klaxons installed in the event of a Japanese air raid began blaring, and flying objects are seen and announced in the sky off the city. I have written about this incident before. A blackout was declared and terrified Los Angelenos turned off all the lights.

The anti-aircraft guns opened fire on the UFOs, and as you see in the photo, the projector beams began searching the sky. Many witnesses saw small objects flying at high altitude, of red or silver plated color. The saucers moved in formation at a high rate of speed, and the anti-aircraft artillery were useless. FDR got involved in this one. See the story in All This Is That...

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In May 1932, at St. Paris, Ohio,
someone took this picture of George Sutton. It was probably 1932 judging by the license plate on the car. George looks pretty calm for having a UFO hovering over his head. Nobody has been able to account for the dark object seen over Sutton's left shoulder in this photograph.

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