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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Poem: [you can’t see earth]

By Jack Brummet

You can't see earth
From the dark side of the moon
But maybe that changes

With the accelerating deceleration
Of the moon and earth.
A waning Gibbous moon

Dangles 1.3 light seconds away,
The Sea of Tranquility
A menacing sinkhole.

The moon
And the fog
Are in cahoots.

Fog slithers in,
Wrapping around houses,
Trees, shrubs, and churches,

Threading its way
Along the ground
Like horror movie fog.

Do the fog and moon
Trigger m
ayhem, madness, and murder?
Do our brains have tides?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Alien Lore No. 266 - UFO over the moon?

By Jack Brummet, Alien Lore Ed.

Crow Tripplehorn, a moon observer who shoots high definition videos through an 8-inch telescope -- captured intriguing footage this month of a UFO flying above the moon's surface. 

On Tripplehorn's YouTube page, he pledges to "never run deceptive or misleading clips on this channel. I strive to shoot the highest quality UFO and anomaly footage possible with the equipment at my disposal." 

Well, we all know the veracity of UFOlogists, but this guy actually sounds fairly sane. The intriguing thing about the video, according to Tripplehorn, is that the object shows enough variation in the navigation that it could not be a satellite.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poem: Li Po In Disgrace

By Jack Brummet

Four hundred and forty-thousand
Moons ago, Li Po sits
Drinking wine on a bluff.

The Sun fades into blue mountains.
On the other side of the ball,
The sun scales the horizon.

Crickets tune up
And the first bats
Sail from roost to roost.

I think about Li Po drunk again
In the mountains, waiting for word
And listening to the wind songs.

Lost and alone on so many levels,
He stares at the cup
And wonders when his pardon will come.

He holds a inkpot, scroll, and brush.
He listens to his skin fold
And his hair turn grey.

Between the mountains and stars,
A crow wheels over fogged red pines
Spiring in moonlight.

LiPo shakes wet peach blossoms
From his coat
And fills the cup.

Moonlight dances
On the golden wine
In the silver cup.

Who needs a clear head this night?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Middle finger of the day: the sun gives earth the finger

By Mona Goldwater

Thanks to Kristopher Skelton for sending us this most excellent Finger Of The Day.  From Philip Plait's Google+ page, and originally from NASA/JPL.