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Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 UFO distribution map (the northwest is a hotbed of sightings)

As you can see, we in the northwest report a lot of UFOs. Somehow these craft largely avoid what are sometimes known as the flyover states.

Monday, August 08, 2016

The 1963 Jesus Cloud

by Jack Brummet, Unexplained Phenomena Ed.

On February 28, 1963, a ring-shaped cloud was seen in northern Arizona and parts of nearby states.

"The height, as estimated from four photographs made in Tucson, Arizona, about 190 miles to the south of the cloud (which appeared overhead near Flagstaff), is about 35 kilometers. This photo was taken by Clarence E. Peterson of Bremerton, Washington, while he was looking almost due north from near Camp Verde, Arizona."  [Science Magazine Cloud Article April 1963.pdf ...]
Revelation 1:7 says, “‘Look, he is coming with the clouds,’ and ‘every eye will see him, even those who pierced him’; and all peoples on earth ‘will mourn because of him.’ So shall it be! Amen.” 
Many people believed this was a religious phenomena, hence its nickname.:

"On February 28, 1963, over in Arizona, U.S.A., a constellation of seven angels appeared to a man named William Marrion Branham in the form of a ring shaped-Cloud. These seven angels came from the presence of God revealing to him the hidden mysteries that were sealed in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. This was to inform the people of God of the perfect will of the Father in preparation for the oncoming millenial reign of Jesus Christ upon this earth. It was as they left Brother Branham that they formed this mysterious cloud which Life Magazine had featured in their May 17, 1963 issue and Science Magazine in their April 19, 1963 issue. The original glossy prints reveal the full face of the Lord Jesus Christ as the picture is viewed from the right side angle “like unto the Son of Man, His head and His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow” (Rev.1:13).


Monday, March 23, 2015

Sleepy Hollow, a/k/a Kalachi: The town whose residents fall asleep for no apparent reason

By Jack Brummet, Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena Ed.

The documentary web site,, in December released a fascinating documentary on Sleepy Hollow, or, the city of Kalachi in Kazakhstan.

"They call it Sleepy Hollow. A small village in Kazakhstan which has succumbed to a mysterious ailment – its dwellers keep falling asleep for no apparent reason. The indiscriminate illness has no cure. Episodes begin without warning, and those affected never know if they will wake up again. Some blame ghosts, others – closed uranium mines located nearby. But despite multiple attempts by medics and scientists to solve the riddle, the causes and consequences of the disease remain unknown. Now the RTD team goes to Kalachi village to undertake its own investigation."


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Pyramids in Antarctica?

By Jack Brummet, Alien Lore Ed.

Alas, the story is shaky, and shows all the hallmarks of a hoax.  If this were true, we all know the team could and would not "keep silent about the discovery."  Nonetheless, it's a good story, whether it's true or not. The following text is from a post on the In Serbia news site:

"Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline, media reported.

"An expedition to the bizarre structures should answer the intriguing question whether they are artificial or natural.

"The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year. Few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there.
"By the current moment little is still known about the pyramids, the team continues to keep silent about the discovery. The only reliable information provided by the scientists was that they were planning an expedition to the pyramids to research them more thoroughly and determine for sure whether the structures were artificial or natural. No details about the time frame of the expedition were offered.

"In case the researchers prove the pyramids are man-made structures, the discovery may bring about the biggest revision of human history ever made."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spokane Sasquatch Encounter

By Jack Brummet, Paranormal & Unexplained Phenomena Editor

From—Samantha13950 (the uploader) saw a creature walking near the upper right hand corner of the screen when she was reviewing footage she took on a hike.  . 

"I didn't even notice until I got home and saw it on the computer! This scarred the crap out of us!"


Sunday, February 12, 2012

The most insane Sasquatch story ever--Dennis Daryl's "Living in the heart of bigfoot country"

The author of this story sent it to Bigfoot Encounters, another Blogspot blog.  It is a rambling, shaggy and improbable tale. It would be great, even if only 10% of it happened.   Dennis Daryl, naturally, claims it is "100% truth."   It's hard to tell if he is pulling our collective leg with a pretty epic troll, or if actually believes all this happened to him.  In any case, if you have a taste for this sort of thing (and I do), it is a fascinating train-wreck.
Click here to read the story Living In The Heart Of Bigfoot Country at Bigfoot Evidence.  You won't regret it.  Well, you might.



Friday, October 07, 2011

The Lost Coast Tapes (coming soon?)

By Jack Brummet, Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena Editor

The Lost Coast Tapes is a new horror-POV feature that has just finished post-production and should be out sometime in 2012.  It is already getting some buzz.    The Lost Coast Tapes follows a group of investigative journalists as they set out to Northern California to debunk a rogue hunter who claims he has a Bigfoot in captivity (now you know why we're writing about this!).  The tagline:

"In 2011 a documentary crew traveled to a remote site in Northern California to verify the discovery of a dead Sasquatch. This footage is all that remains."

If this poster for The Lost Coast Tapes has anything to do with the movie at all, this is pretty exciting.  It is directed by Corey Grant and they promise to release a teaser trailer soon. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Alien Lore No. 213 - The disappearance of Frederick Valentich

By Jack Brummet
Paranormal/Alien Lore Editor

Thanks to Jeff Clinton for digging up this story.

On 21 October 1978, a 20-year-old pilot--Frederick Valentich--disappeared while flying his Cessna airplane near King Island, Australia.

The transcript that follows is from a program, Radio Eye, broadcast in 2008 by ABC Radio.

19:06:14 DSJ [Valentich]: Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra Juliet. Is there any known traffic below five thousand?

FS [Flight Services; Robey]: Delta Sierra Juliet, no known traffic.

DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet, I am, seems to be a large aircraft below five thousand.

19:06:44 FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, What type of aircraft is it?

DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet, I cannot affirm, it is four bright, and it seems to me like landing lights.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet.

19:07:31 DSJ: Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra Juliet, the aircraft has just passed over me at least a thousand feet above.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, and it is a large aircraft, confirmed?

DSJ: Er-unknown, due to the speed it's travelling, is there any air force aircraft in the vicinity?

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, no known aircraft in the vicinity.

19:08:18 DSJ: Melbourne, it's approaching now from due east towards me.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet.

19:08:41 DSJ: (open microphone for two seconds.)

19:08:48 DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet, it seems to me that he's playing some sort of game, he's flying over me two, three times at speeds I could not identify.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what is your actual level?

DSJ: My level is four and a half thousand, four five zero zero.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet and you confirm you cannot identify the aircraft?

DSJ: Affirmative.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, stand by.

19:09:27 DSJ: Melbourne, Delta Sierra Juliet, it's not an aircraft it is (open microphone for two seconds).

19:09:42 FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, can you describe the - er - aircraft?

DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet, as it's flying past it's a long shape (open microphone for three seconds) cannot identify more than it has such speed (open microphone for three seconds). It's before me right now Melbourne.

19:10 FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, roger and how large would the - er - object be?

19:10:19 DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne, it seems like it's chasing me.[20] What I'm doing right now is orbiting and the thing is just orbiting on top of me also. It's got a green light and sort of metallic like, it's all shiny on the outside.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet

19:10:46 DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet (open microphone for three seconds) It's just vanished.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet.

19:11:00 DSJ: Melbourne, would you know what kind of aircraft I've got? Is it a military aircraft?

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, Confirm the - er ~ aircraft just vanished.

DSJ: Say again.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, is the aircraft still with you?

DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet; it's (open microphone for two seconds) now approaching from the south-west.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet

19:11:50 DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet, the engine is rough-idling. I've got it set at twenty three twenty-four and the thing is (coughing).

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what are your intentions?

DSJ: My intentions are - ah - to go to King Island - ah - Melbourne. That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again (open microphone for two seconds). It is hovering and (open microphone for one second) it's not an aircraft.

FS: Delta Sierra Juliet.

19:12:28 DSJ: Delta Sierra Juliet. Melbourne (open microphone for seventeen seconds).

[ed's note: during that seventeen seconds, you can hear metallic sounds, and a sort of scraping.  Then the transmission went dead.]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

alien Lore No. 169 - Fireball, or a Grey flyby in the Midwest?

By Jack Brummet
Paranormal and unexplained phenomena editor

[ed's note:  Thanks to Jeff Clinton for the tip]

911 switchboards lit up recently in several Midwest states with reports of a gigantic UFO, or fireball streaking across and lighting up the sky, the National Weather Service said.  The National Weather Service also got hundreds of calls about the object, as well as reports of sonic booms. 

The object was in sight for nearly 15 minutes at around 10 PM.  about 10 p.m.,  "The fireball was seen over the northern sky, moving from west to east," said the weather service in the Quad Cities area, which encompasses parts of Iowa and Illinois.  A CNN video of the UFO/fireball has been made available:

According to NASA, a meteor appears when a meteoroid -- a particle, a stone, or even a piece of Russian or American space junk enters our atmosphere from outer space [ed's note:  outer space is generally considered to begin about 60 miles from earth, or roughly an hour's drive...if your car could go straight up].

"Air friction heats the meteoroid so that it glows and creates a shining trail of gases and melted meteoroid particles," it said. "People sometimes call the brightest meteors fireballs."
The fireball/UFO was seen across parts of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana Wisconsin, and possibly Ohio as well.

A video from WISN TV shows a huge ball of light streaking across the sky.   Doppler Radar shows a smoke trail from the fireball at just after 10 p.m.   It was unknown if any part of a meteorite [UFO/failed satellite/cosmic hiccup/whatever it was] hit the ground.