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Alien Lore No.121: The Telepathic Aliens In Kent (England)

This is a fascinating story from Bufora (the British version of MUFON, the national UFO network located here in Seattle). Here are some of the most interesting "facts." To read the entire, baffling story, go here.
Judy Jaafar's findings in the Bromley, Kent, 24th August 2003 alien sighting and her interview and investigation:

  • Judy Jaafar investigated the case initially in 2003, but even this year, BUFORA was contacted BUFORA by email, trying to tell her stories to other, perhaps more receptive ears.

  • Two investigators were dispatched to research "what turned out to be some of the strangest testimony we have ever heard." One them ran a tape recorder, and the other took notes.

  • Sarah is clearly and undoubtedly the dominant of the two personalities, but she defers to John the channeler of spirits, and latterly aliens, but deferring in a way that assures his compliance.

  • Both Sarah and John say they have no knowledge of alien lore and have never read a book or magazine on the subject, nor seen any films.

  • Linda can be a grey or take human form, and in both forms he can be visible or invisible. John is channele and a psychic, who is more "open" to greys since meeting Sarah. Sarah first saw greys in 1986 lying in her beach hut in Negril, Jamaica, sick wither a collapsed lung and fever. The greys arrived to help. According to Sara, the "Greys are supremely intelligent and give information to humans in all disciplines - science, medicine, arts etc. They are here to help, and in fact are the "godparents" to many planetary civilisations.

  • "The greys NEVER abduct people, or do experiments on them. "They have no need to as they know humanity inside out. Human spirits can, however, meet them on the astral plane and this might be mistaken for abduction."

  • The greys sustain themselves by ingesting a homeopathically refined liquid made from pure water and certain herbs. They drink this through their mouths and it is deposited in a reservoir which we would call a stomach. They have no other end to the digestive tract, no bowels, therefore excretion is impossible. They extract the "energy" from this liquid and use it up totally.

  • They use "energy" also to procreate. There is no sexual union as such (so
    presumably no sexual organs).

  • Any 3-4ft tall greys seen by othe people must be juveniles, as they are
    around 7ft tall when mature.

  • Greys can choose to be reincarnated as humans, whereupon they take very
    cerebral jobs because they are so clever.

  • They live for 200-300 years, and just stop energising in order to die. This is to make way for the younger generation.

  • The greys come from the planet Sirius D, and Sirius A is their sun. There was no mention of Sirius B or C. One third of the planet surface is covered by fresh water, but no salty seas. The flora is green and lush, and the climate mild. No mention of fauna, or other humanoid species. There is no pollution and the inhabitants live in simple but sophisticated buildings, generally sort of "round".

  • On the home planet, the greys use "energised" vehicles which Sarah calls "flying caravans". She showed us a sketch she'd drawn of one of these, and it did look for all the world like a flying box with windows and door.

  • There are schools and recreational facilities. They're not much into sport but do enjoy swimming and boating. Mostly they prefer mental games like chess in order to relax. The family is everything, and the grays as a race are very gregarious and sociable, as evidenced by their partiality to communal jacuzzis. [Ed note: this is a little scary, knowing my love of hot tubs, and hot springs.]

  • They have a senate of fifty individuals, just as a guide, since no-one ever does anything wrong, and the senate retires every so often to allow the younger individuals some experience.

  • There is no illness or poverty or hardship.

  • John perceives that there are other alien races out there, but the greys have never told him this. To "tune in" he just relaxes.

  • The greys will not give any information about future developments because we need to find our own answers, but they can nudge us in the right direction from time to time.

  • The greys do not have a concept of God. They are completely self-sufficient and at one with the universe, so have no need of such ideas.

  • Telepathy, which is their preferred mode of contact, will become common amongst humans after our next developmental leap.

  • Darwin's theory of evolution is wrong. [ed note: !!!]

  • For distances of more than 300 million miles, the greys use an interstellar rocket. Sarah had a sketch of one, and it was blunt nosed, truncated and had three tail fins. It reminded me of Thunderbirds. It takes three months to get here from the home planet. They can, of course, just teleport if they wish, but as they're very "communal" they like to travel together in a physical way.

  • On shorter trips they use a conventional flying saucer, and Sarah showed us her sketch of this also. When in our atmosphere, the greys travel in a miniature version of the above saucer.

  • They never allow their craft to be seen, as they have very efficient cloaking technology. UFO sightings cannot be attributed to the greys, definitely.

  • There have never been any crashed saucers from their civilisation - they're far too smart for that.

  • They have no bases here on earth.

  • The long, hot summer was caused by the energy from their massed craft in our atmosphere.

  • To Dan Bright's (ufologyinuk) question about residual alien artifacts: the pyramids of Giza and meso-America are their legacy.

  • To Joe's (ufologyinuk) question about the Mars probes: no information on that, but will ask. They do know, however, that Mars once supported an intelligent civilisation.

  • To several questions about the mysterious "energy" the greys seem to use for everything, including their propulsion systems on their anachronistic rockets: "don't know".

  • There are male and female genders amongst the greys, but it's hard to tell the difference.

  • Anyone can in theory be able to see the greys, but only if you are imbued with truth, sincerity, love and lack of fear and ignorance.

  • All especially talented people (several historical luminaries were mentioned) are influenced by the greys, or are actually greys themselves in human disguise.


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