Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updated links to poetry on all this is that

The complete links to Jack Brummet's (nearly200) poems on all this is that.  Once a year we update the list, and put a link in the sidebar.  Jack has published nearly 200 poems here over the last five and a half years. 

The Odds
When Evil Fails
The White Pony
God's Angry Rain
 Instructions to the sperm and egg
The Cover-up
The Mission
The Reverse King Midas Touch
The Fog
The Jitters
[A lone climber bivouaced]
The Moon's In Tune
Torches & Pitchforks
Three A.M.
A pod of sea lions
What color is water?
Why are bubbles round?
The Quest
Summer leaves in autumn hit the winter of their life
The islands from eight miles high
from the Poetry Generator: The Cloud Endures
Poem In Gorene
The listing freighter in the harbor at Kato Zakris
Rocks, flowers, and walls
Prayers In Istanbul
Sailng To Athens
That Cold Island Across The Sea
Moslems vs. Nazarenes vs. Pagans
Just Beneath The Topsoil
Sailing To Naxos, or, The Vortex
Flying, depending on the context, is better than not flying
Endurance & Limits
Scarred For Life
One of those days
The Variations (newly revised)
How He Lived
The Broken Chord
Stackabones (for Claire)
In California, I write down the names of every great tree name I can remember
When the devil comes knocking
Into the wind
The Outlet
The riptide beneath my feet
The sounds on Puget Sound
But you can't
[with your back to the wall]
[The surging sea]
Are they on the way or is it "just my 'magination (once again)?"
The telepath
Catch 23
Midnight Madness
Grey USA
On seeing the photo of a long lost friend
Imaginary Friends
[The streetlight's blue shadows...]
There's A Civil War In His Head
[Jesus Walks On Water]
On The Plain: just a song of Gomorrah
Why I won't run for President
The story of a long long journey
Landing, or, Aviophobia, Part 26
The eyes have it
You Rehearse Dying
How the first baby in the world
The Big Boat
Babylon and the unfinished tower
Late Spring
Higher Ground Poem: The Icarus Factor).
Truism 1
The Grey Convoy Flies Over the UFO Crash Site
Dual Mortality
Ephemeral Communications
3 A.M.
I'm agnostic about atheism
Snow Day In Kirkland, Washington
Squirrel poem
Going Mad Might Be Like A Bad Eight Track Tape Deck
Fall Haiku
Jericho & How Joshua Caused The Walls To Come Tumbling Down
The Orgy In The Pantry (starring Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, Pilsbury Dough Boy, Aunt Jemima, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee and more
With Or Without The Words
Hello. . .My poem is. . .
You Gather Your Friends
The Way We Were
The White Flag
The Cover-up
The Good German
Dream Of The Grey
Torches & Pitchforks
The Red Flag
Don't look back
The Tenth Planet (Or An Incredible Facsimile?)
Anger management is a slippery slope
the vault
The Moon's In Tune
Another politician resigns in disrace
The Candidate
Making Room
The revolt in heaven
Found Poem: The Richmond Hill Oracle
The Robot Wars
Ten ways of looking at lies
The Broken Chord
With our heads in the sand during the transit and eclipse
the sun plays its red song
Poem: The Developers
A raindrop's life
The mystery of the first amendment to the Ten Commandments
The Bay Of Delusion
Mad Song
Reasons To Keep On
Conspiracy Theory
The Moon Race
Mr. Flue's Grave In Hillcrest Cemetary, Kent, Wash.
The World Seems Especially Calming And Verisimilitudinous Today
Kent, Washington
[It's the Lee Harvey Oswald smile]
Zombie Breakdown
Sonnet For Hari
Defensive Daydreaming
The Dream
The Prostethic Head & The Absence Of Blood
Tetuan - "No Paranoia, My Friend"
The Grey Ambassador
The Bad Movie
The Bucket
The Man In The Mirror
Liftoff Optimism
A Flight Of Swallows
Audioblog - The Prevaricator
Weather Report
Your Wooden Leg
The Revelations
The Revelations Sermon At The First Church Of The Mojo Apocalypse
Dosvidaniya, Ivan Ivanovitch
The Late Excavation
Jack Kerouac, Meet John Barleycorn
The Gideon Bible In My Nightstand
At The Acropolis
When Aliens Land, Or, The Return Of The King
The sous-chef is a sociopath
James Wright
[Life Is Not A Hardy Novel]
Coyote Comes Home Like A Salmon
Shorts For Jerry Melin ca. about 1988
The Golden Rule
The Countdown
Notes On Flying
Not Past Tense Yet
the glass is not half-full
It's Getting Crowded Here
Li Po In Disgrace
The Clock
A Love Song
Bad Timing
The Killer
The Absence of Footprints
Growing Up
Gone Fishing
The M.D.s
The Marriage
Driving Home To Seattle, We Watch Deer Drinking from the Skookumchuck River

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