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Monday, April 04, 2016

Regifted Trump election signs

By Jack Brummet

Our hero Dean Ericksen today delivered three yards of compost to our driveway. He also delivered/re-gifted four political signs that were left in his yard earlier this year.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

A colloquy between Dean Ericksen and Pope Francis

By Jack Brummet, Religion Ed.

 My Brother-in-law and friend Dean Ericksen  chatted with Pope Francis last night.  "Pope Francis sent me an instant message last night. Here’s the transcript:"

Pope: Hey, Dean.
Dean: Hey, Pope - how is DC?
Pope: Good - did you see the Fiat?
Dean: Yep. Product placement?
Pope: I’ll forget you said that. Did you catch Empire?
Dean: Nope. I’m always late to these things. Still haven’t finished Breaking Bad. You?
Pope: Tivo. Had to talk with Boehner tonight. That guy …
Dean: He’s a cryer.
Pope: He cries about the wrong things. Anyway - Declan moved into the dorm yet?
Dean: Friday. Time moves on. You’re not coming to Seattle - right?
Pope: Not planning on it, but I have some flexibility. Did you see Xi?
Dean: <smirk> Yesterday. High strung. Probably the jet lag. We stopped by the new Paseo, up from your church on 15th.
Pope: What happened to the old Paseo? Wait - north of St Alphonsus?
Dean: Yes. Long story. The con-gusto is still decent.
Pope: Good. Hey … have you thought again about converting?
Dean: Converting from what? To what? Let’s not talk about this. It’s late.
Pope: Come on - have you seen the church lately? Kick the tires, it’s a new ride.
Dean: Same deal on contraception, women, gays, etc. Kudos on the other stuff though. Nice work.
Pope: Alright. Blessings to Mary and the Kids. Buenas Noches.
Dean: Good night. Enjoy NYC.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Painting detail from the 2% - "Dean Ericksen was forced. . ."

By Jack Brummet

This is a detail from a larger painting I did many years ago, probably in the late 90's.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Salute To Dean Ericksen

By Pablo Fanque, Mona Goldwater, and Jack Brummet

One of our favorite contributors to All This Is That is having a birthday today.  Dean is one of our most active tipsters, and often leads us to new and fertile meadows of starting points, content, warped stories, and strange and wonderful images.  And, to top it off, he is funny, handsome, and facile at crossing the generational divide.  He has fans from the octogenarians down to the one-year olds.  Happy Birthday, Dean Ericksen!

Click here to view Mona's photo retrospective of Dean


Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Dean Ericksen retrospective

By Mona Goldwater
Society Editor

Since I joined the staff, I have read through the entire All This Is That Archives and noticed dozens of images of Dean Ericksen.  Many are unattributed, but most appear to be the photography and Photoshop work of Pablo Fanque and Jack Brummet.  Here are some of my favorites:

click images to enlarge

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dean - a photo of unknown provenance

click to enlarge

I'm not sure when this photo of Dean was taken, but it reportedly came from a business development trip in the middle-east.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's get Kinky with Bizzare (and other) Magazines

Thanks to Dean Ericksen for pointing out this excellent article on Gawker. Dean reads Gawker so we don't have to! But look at what we miss! Check out their Best of the Bizarre and photo roundup here, on Gawker. In fact, one of the characters on one of the "girly" magazine covers is almost a dead ringer for Dean himself--I wonder if he put him through school The Hard Way?


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Grand Central Station in suspended animation/The Blog Wars Revisited

I have a soft spot for quirky public art--performance art on a massive scale, like nude-ins, or various forms of mass public hysteria, or the best rock and roll where you become as much a participant as an observer (think of The Grateful Dead or the Bonaroo gang) .

Check out this Grand Central takeover by a concerted band of a couple of hundred people. Dean Ericksen of our arch-rival blog Almost There In No Time found this video of a sweet performance art event. Lest you think we're going soft on Mr. Ericksen, note that as recently as last week, his blog also published links to a film portraying--indeed, glorifying?-- members of the Nazi high command, along with the usual myriad of filth, degeneracy, and crimes against nature that masquerade as "content" on the ATINT blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Adolph Hitler meets Miami Vice??

Click to Adolph Hitler and the youth to enlarge

Thanks to Dean Ericksen (our competitor) for pointing out this one. This photograph was recently offered for sale on EBay. The photo was taken around 1940. Hitler clearly, even at this early date (and when his war of domination still seemed winnable), looks frail and stooped. And those future Hitler youth, look amazingly colorful in juxtaposition with the drab Fuhrer.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Beaten to the punch? A disgruntled Jimmy Dean sausage customer

My fierce competitor Dean Ericksen has beaten me to the punch again. Jump here to Dean's blog to hear one of the very best viral audio files of all time. . .a disgruntled Southern Man, a Texan actually (Randy Taylor), unloading on the Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage complaint line.

An excerpt:

"You've got three men who weigh over 200 pounds apiece, a woman that's a little plump--Scotch girl--and a daughter who's 13, and you're going to try to take a 12 ounce roll of sausage and a couple dozen eggs and feed that, it ain't going to work. And I'm not going to purchase your product anymore or ever again. And as far as your 16 ounce maple and sage, I don't eat that. I'm not from the North. I'm a Texas man. Jimmy Dean sausage is for southern people to eat with their breakfast with their fried eggs and their T-bone steak."